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160a - Patrick's Staycation

The episode begins with Patrick putting the slide projector onto a table, leaping onto it, shaping his head into a ten-gallon hat, then riding the projector like a horse. SpongeBob reminds him that he has a slideshow to give, but Patrick destroys the projector in the process. Instead, Patrick makes a shadow puppet show with a lamp, and the show begins. SpongeBob goes to Patrick's house and knocks on the rock. Inside, Patrick is heard moaning and complaining. When the rock finally opens, Patrick's hand is seen holding a key. When SpongeBob enters, Patrick is seen on the floor, still holding the key. SpongeBob asks what's wrong, and Patrick explains that all he's been doing is waking up, eating, and sleeping...and that he needs a break. SpongeBob suggests a vacation, and Patrick's spirits are lifted. When they go to the travel agency, Patrick is given options, but when it's revealed that he cannot afford any of these trips, he and SpongeBob are thrown out. SpongeBob suggests Patrick go on a "staycation," a vacation at home. Patrick goes for it. When he arrives home, he sees his living room has been redesigned as a hotel's entrance, and SpongeBob (calling himself "Todd") is the receptionist. "Todd" gives Patrick his key, and shows him his room. Patrick doesn't like the way the room is designed, and asks SpongeBob to redesign it. All the furniture is now stacked into one large pile, and Patrick, still not satisfied, tells SpongeBob it's probably the walls. The furniture collapses in a heap of sand. Later, there is a tub of water, which SpongeBob calls it "the pool." Patrick is initially excited, but asks where the diving board is. SpongeBob makes one out of a stool and a plank of wood. When Patrick dives off of it, he hits his head on the side of the tub and falls in. When Patrick is drowning, SpongeBob dresses up as a lifeguard and pulls him out. When Patrick gets hungry, SpongeBob dresses like a French chef and prepares a Krabby Patty on a grill. Just then, Mr. Krabs comes along, requesting payment and a tip. Patrick demands a show to go with his meal, so SpongeBob dances on the table. Patrick dismisses it as "boring." SpongeBob puts his spatula in his head, and makes a pineapple appear, and Patrick dismisses it as "lame." SpongeBob launches the pineapple into the air, where it's sliced in an overhead airplane's turbines. When it lands on a plate, Patrick tells SpongeBob "You are smoking." He means it literally: the Krabby Patty is burning, and a large cloud of black smoke fills the air. Patrick walks out of the smoke like he's opening a door, still hungry. He catches a delicious aroma coming from Squidward's home, which turns out to be soup. Squidward puts a bowl on his table, but turns around to get a napkin. When he returns to the table, Patrick's eating his soup. Meanwhile, SpongeBob emerges from the cloud of smoke, presenting a burnt Krabby Patty which soon turns into dust and blows away in the wind. Patrick is nowhere to be found, but he hears Squidward yelling. Patrick seems to think Squidward's house is a hotel, and even plans to go to the spa and get a massage. Squidward angrily explains to him that there is no spa and his house is not a hotel, but SpongeBob gives Patrick the massage he wanted. Patrick suggests Squidward get one as well. Though Squidward is reluctant at first, his shoulder snaps. Squidward then pushes Patrick off the table and asks SpongeBob to give him a massage. After fulfilling Squidward's request, SpongeBob is exhausted and returns home. He goes to bed, but Patrick is in there with him, apparently convinced that SpongeBob's house is also a hotel. The scene changes to Mr. Krabs gargling with mouthwash in the bathroom of his house. When he goes to his bedroom, SpongeBob is sleeping in his hammock. Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob if he's had a nightmare, and if Patrick is in his bed, and SpongeBob says no to the former and yes to the latter. Mr. Krabs bids SpongeBob a good night.

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