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148a - The Masterpiece

Mr. Krabs is about to open the Krusty Krab, but nobody shows up. A commercial reveals everyone is at the Sea Chicken Shack, and he sends SpongeBob to find out what is making them more popular than them. He arrives at the place in a disguise. He tells Mr. Krabs that the store is a dump and it smells bad. He gets thrown out when he violates their No headbands rule. The large, outdoor Mr. Seachicken statue is why everyone is going there instead of the Krusty Krab. So, Mr. Krabs asks Squidward to make a statue of him. Mr. Krabs makes some various poses and Squidward keeps saying no until Mr. Krabs holds his arms in the air, and Squidward finds the perfect pose.

It takes Squidward almost twenty-four hours to finish making the statue. He has Mr. Krabs stand in one position with his hands up in the air for all that time, but Mr. Krabs isn't pleased when the statue is finished. The final result expresses what Squidward may actually feel about Mr. Krabs, because it has spikes and a second mouth near the stomach area. Spongebob plays on it after Mr. Krabs tells him to make sure it's safe, but it falls on him: The statue isn't safe as a playground object, and it may even result in a lawsuit. Spongebob decides to paint Mr. Krabs gold so the children can play on him instead of the statue.

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