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138b - Rodeo Daze

It starts in a plain where the narrator is trying to find someone, then he sees SpongeBob, who is having a staring contest with Patrick. SpongeBob tells Patrick he's a great starer, to which Patrick responds, "I thought we were having a blinking contest and I was losing." A bottle then falls from above and gets stuck in SpongeBob's forehead. It is addressed to Sandy, so they go to her house, but SpongeBob can't get Sandy's door open, so Patrick gets out a book titled, How to Open Things. He looks through it and finds Sandy's door. It says to open to the left. SpongeBob says he was opening to the right. Patrick goes to open the door but then Sandy karate-chops it open, and starts hitting SpongeBob and Patrick until her chops knock the letter out of the bottle.

Sandy reads the letter and says it's from her twin brother, Randy and that the rodeo is in town and she has to go to Texas to defend her title. SpongeBob asks, "Your title for what?" Sandy asks if he has cotton in his ears. Patrick states that it is actually an old moldy piece of a Krabby Patty which he then eats. They then start guessing what her title was for, like: "Jellyfishing," "Kah-rah-tay," "The science fair." She responds "no" to all of these and tells them it's the rodeo. SpongeBob asks what a rodeo is, and then Sandy breaks into a song explaining it.

As she sings, SpongeBob and Patrick thought it was dangerous to fight that rodeo. She ends by telling them about rodeo clowns that make you laugh when you're feeling sad, and SpongeBob is horrified by this. SpongeBob tries to stop her from dangerous rodeos, but Sandy must go. Sandy's suit transforms into a rocket somehow, and she goes to Texas. SpongeBob talks to Patrick about how they can't let her go alone, but Patrick was playing another annoying game. SpongeBob then tells Patrick that she will find out she really needs them, but Patrick ran saying "NO MORE TIGHT JEANS!"

SpongeBob tries to tell everyone that they must help her, but they refuse. So he captures them in bubbles while they're sleeping. When they wake up, they're in SpongeBob's house. Squidward gets upset and walks out the door, but falls as the pineapple is in a bubble. Everyone else walks out too and falls. They arrive in Texas to see Sandy riding a bullfrog. SpongeBob says hi to her, and she falls off losing the rodeo. The bullfrog jumps at the bubble and it pops, then Sandy has to save SpongeBob from the frog. Although Sandy does so, she's also extremely angry at SpongeBob for ruining her winning streak and tells him to leave the rodeo to her next time, with SpongeBob replying, "Aw, nuts!"

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