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132b - Kracked Krabs

SpongeBob starts his day at work by making Sea Fries. Mr. Krabs calls him for a meeting in his office. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob about the Cheapest Krab Award and that he has been nominated, and is excited to hear that he is taking him to the Awards Ceremony.

SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs take the cheapest form of transportation possible - traveling through mail at the cost of a one cent stamp. They meet up with the other crabs at a hotel, only to find out that one of them, such as Chintzey McGee, did not spend a thing on their travel. Mr. Krabs teaches SpongeBob his first lesson about cheapness by giving the bellhop a tip (a quarter with a string attached to it) and then pulling it away from him. SpongeBob tries the same routine, only to fail. The two meet up again with the other crabs in time for the ceremony. A video of the nominees is shown, and Mr. Krabs gets worried about the competition. He asks SpongeBob to go up on the stage and "exaggerate" about him being cheap. SpongeBob gets confused and thinks he should lie, which he does by telling everyone that Mr. Krabs is generous, getting Mr. Krabs disqualified from winning the award.

Afterwards, Mr. Krabs cries about his loss, but SpongeBob tells him about "exaggerating" and Mr. Krabs becomes interested. The two begin "exaggerating" everything in their room (taking items and putting them in their suitcases). The other crabs soon realize that Mr. Krabs stole a whole room, and as a result, Mr. Krabs wins the award. However, the person who gave the award snags it back because of a string connected to it.

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