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130b - Model Sponge

Listening in on a conversation Mr. Krabs is having on the phone, SpongeBob thinks he's going to get fired because he heard Mr. Krabs was going to "let the little guy go" today. He tries to be taller than Squidward, seeing who was the "little guy," eventually realizing that he is indeed smaller. Distraught, he leaves for home. Back in Mr. Krabs' office, we see him letting the "little guy," who is a pet scallop in a cage, go and it flies out of the window.

SpongeBob sits at home depressed when Patrick arrives to borrow the refrigerator because his was empty. When he learns of SpongeBob's predicament, he tells him that he should find a new job. SpongeBob tries out banking and architecture, but finds that fry cooking is the only thing he knows how to do. With some encouragement from Patrick, he tries out for a sponge role at a TV station and, despite a complete lack of talent, gets it. When SpongeBob arrives at work the next day, he thinks he's going to be a big actor, but it turns out the "acting" he'll be doing is the role of a sponge in a bathroom cleaning commercial. So he gets naked in order to be the New Sponge. Before they get to cleaning the toilet, he quits and returns to the Krusty Krab, begging Mr. Krabs for his old job back. He's lucky enough to get it, under the condition that he also cleans the restaurant's toilets, which he does happily, while a talking hand is reading a newspaper, sitting on one of the toilets.

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