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128b - Stuck in the Wringer

SpongeBob takes a morning shower at the beginning of this episode. When he gets out, he dries himself off in his wringer. As he starts to walk out of his bathroom, he nearly slips on a bar of soap. He is so proud of himself for avoiding a potential injury, that he doesn't notice that a rubber ducky has flown into his bathroom through his window. He trips over the ducky, then slips back onto the bar of soap, and finally gets stuck in his wringer. At this point, Patrick enters the bathroom and asks SpongeBob if he has seen his rubber duck. SpongeBob points out the ducky that he tripped over, which is still on his floor. Patrick runs over to it, exclaiming "Ducky! I found you!" SpongeBob regretfully interrupts the reunion after a bit, telling Patrick that he needs help. He begins to explain that he is stuck in his wringer, but Patrick interrupts before he can finish, saying he knows how to help SpongeBob. However, the problem only gets worse when Patrick, misunderstands the situation and uses Forever Glue to permanently trap SpongeBob inside it. SpongeBob is a bit upset, but tries to go about his usual day. But, being stuck in the wringer causes some unforeseen problems. He causes chaos at the Krusty Krab, and gets kicked out of work because he put Mr. Krabs' money in danger. Patrick meets him outside, and asks how his day is going. SpongeBob admits that he's having some trouble, and Patrick decides to take SpongeBob to Super Weenie Hut Juniors for some ice cream to cheer him up. SpongeBob becomes even sadder when he discovers that the wringer prevents him from eating his ice cream. Patrick suggests that they go to the carnival, the "funnest spot in the ocean." Carnival games prove impossible for SpongeBob, but Patrick has lots of fun. Patrick's good luck annoys SpongeBob, which finally causes him to lose his temper and scream at Patrick for ruining his life. Patrick runs off crying as a result, and the other fish at the carnival are disgusted with SpongeBob's outburst (they seem to know that Patrick had not helped him one bit, but that he had at least tried, despite his stupidity), and tell SpongeBob that he deserved what he got, sending him into depression. The next morning, Patrick tries to ignore the fact that all of the things he usually does involve SpongeBob, and keeps telling himself that he's not supposed to care about SpongeBob anymore. Patrick finds that forgetting about his friend is impossible, and enters the pineapple by breaking down the door while yelling: "I'm coming buddy!" Inside, he finds a depressed and slightly crazed SpongeBob watching TV static. Horrified by this, and blaming himself for SpongeBob's problem, Patrick cries. His tears splash on the glue and melt some of it. Realizing this, SpongeBob suggests that they both cry, so he might be able to slip out of the wringer. Both friends cry, which melts the glue and allows SpongeBob to be free of the wringer. SpongeBob and Patrick hug when SpongeBob tosses the wringer into the air. When it comes back down, it lands around the two, leaving them stuck in the wringer together.

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