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127b - I ♥ Dancing

One morning, Squidward is walking to work with SpongeBob, who is dancing. Squidward is annoyed by the dancing. When Squidward asks SpongeBob, "Where's the music?" SpongeBob replies, "in my mind!" SpongeBob plays some music from his head, the music considered to be from title screens. When they are at work, SpongeBob does dance routines while he is giving people their orders. He happens to be giving an order to a dance searcher and she thinks he has talent, so she gives SpongeBob a card for the dance auditions. Squidward hears and he gets jealous that SpongeBob was invited and he wasn't, so he hatches an evil plan, to make SpongeBob work so hard so that he'll collapse from exhaustion then he can take SpongeBob's audition. To Squidward's annoyance, SpongeBob seems to dance better than he does. Frustrated, Squidward has SpongeBob perform a series of moves that SpongeBob can't perform correctly, and he tells him to keep practicing and not stop no matter what ("Remember, don't stop until you get it right!") SpongeBob continues practicing through the night while Squidward rests, leaving him feeling exhausted the next morning. But Squidward, determined to make SpongeBob collapse, only pushes harder. After many hours of practice and yelling from Squidward, SpongeBob, at the end of his rope, finally performs the moves right. However, Squidward forces him to do it again. SpongeBob attempts the move again, but he is so tired that he finally stops and falls asleep, collapsing to the ground in the process. Squidward heads to the audition. He passes, and he ends up with the prize: being in Squilliam Fancyson's play. Squidward is upset that he is being taught by his rival. He was supposed to do the same thing SpongeBob does from the beginning, and Squilliam does the same talking to Squidward just like what he did to SpongeBob. Squidward is left crestfallen while Patrick and SpongeBob, apparently all recovered from his exhaustion.

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