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126 - The Clash of Triton

On King Neptune's 5,000th birthday, his wife Queen Amphitrite calls the Krusty Krab and sets reservations to celebrate King Neptune's birthday there. Mr. Krabs sets up a crowd of watchers for some extra money after Shubie wanted to watch the royal family eat through the window, and SpongeBob cooks 5,000 Krabby Patties for King Neptune just as he arrives.

However, King Neptune is overly depressed about his son, Triton, when SpongeBob mentions him. Neptune shows everyone a movie that he made about his sad separation with Triton, locking him in a cage in the Island in the Sky until he learns to become a proper god like his father. To ease King Neptune's pain, SpongeBob plans to go to the Island in the Sky and release Triton from his shrunken cage (according to Neptune, the cage only shrinks 7%). Unfortunately, the lock on the cage was impossible for SpongeBob to undo. So, he then asks Patrick, his best friend, to unlock it.

Luckily, Patrick was able to unlock the cage. Triton comes out and offers the two a "ride" after turning the cage into a car, which SpongeBob and Patrick accept. But Triton pulls over when they were halfway there and tells SpongeBob and Patrick he doesn't need them anymore, knocking them out of the car with one whip of his tail. He immediately goes to Bikini Bottom and destroys it to have revenge on his father for locking him up. Then SpongeBob and Patrick return to Bikini Bottom and see the destruction. They both realize that Triton was locked up for a reason. They sneak into the Krusty Krab using the secret entrance, which led to inside the grill. SpongeBob tells Patrick to be very quiet.

Patrick agrees, but unfortunately throws the top of the grill backwards, making a loud clashing noise. The two peek from behind the cashier window and see that Triton has locked up Neptune and all the party goers in a cage. Neptune apologizes to Triton and begs him to release everybody else and take him instead, but he ignores him. Then SpongeBob and Patrick unlock the cage staying hidden in the grill. Triton, in great dismay, says to his father that he was only kidding and tries to run... er... swim away. But an angry Neptune catches him by appearing in front of him. Triton tries to tell him that he didn't mean to lock him in a cage, but his father thought he has gone too far.

Neptune then saw what Triton did to Bikini Bottom and angrily asks him if he was responsible for it. Triton begs Neptune not to send him back to the cage. But Neptune, instead of punishing him, says that he just gave him the best 5,000th birthday present he has ever received. Triton learned to use his powers at long last, and that was what Neptune wanted all along. Both father and son hugged with everyone cheering for them. Then, with Amphitrite, they return home. As they leave, Neptune says this was all because of SpongeBob. But everybody hears what he said and begins to hate SpongeBob. The episode ends with SpongeBob and Patrick running for their lives as the citizens of Bikini Bottom form a mob and chase them.