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116a - Squid's Visit

SpongeBob really wants Squidward to visit his house, but Squidward doesn't want to. He says that he likes the comfort of his own home. SpongeBob then makes his house exactly like Squidward's so Squidward will finally visit. Afterwards, he steals Squidward's vacuum cleaner, which makes Squidward come to take it back, which was Patrick's idea. Squidward puts his dinner in the oven and then comes to SpongeBob's house and sees the exact replica of his living room. He is a little annoyed. Squidward sits on the exact replica of his chair and sees his coffee table, his food, his Art of the Clarinet book, and his pillow SpongeBob was fluffing. It looks like the one Squidward's Mother made for him. Then Squidward sees his hallway, and he sees the chip in the painting from when he moved into his own house. Then he walks into his bathroom. He sees his medicine cabinet and his rash cream. But when SpongeBob shows up, Squidward screams and he slips on the rash cream too many times and his head falls into the toilet, knocking himself out.

Squidward wakes up and thinks he had a dream about himself visiting SpongeBob. But he isn't dreaming. Squidward screams to SpongeBob. He lies to SpongeBob that he has to go to the bathroom again, but instead, he runs upstairs, looking for his vacuum cleaner. When Squidward opens the door and turns on the light, he finds out he is in the gallery room and spots all 492 of his self-portraits hanging on the wall. Squidward becomes scared, but then he gets mad. He looks for the vacuum cleaner in the closet and finds it, but it is stuck in the closet. Squidward pulls until his vacuum comes out. The vacuum hits Squidward and he crashes into the wall, tilting his self-portraits. He falls down the stairs, and he spits out the vacuum. He then walks out of SpongeBob's house, but when he goes outside, he realizes that his house had vaporized due to a fire. Squidward had forgotten to bring the casserole which was later on fire and caused Squidward's house to burn up. SpongeBob then tells Squidward to stay at his house. Squidward imagines what it would be like. He winds up staying at the pineapple with him indoors and SpongeBob and Gary sleeping outside.

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