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114b - Ditchin'

After watching an episode of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, SpongeBob and Patrick see a commercial for the new book telling their origin and that they will be signing the book starting at 8 o'clock. SpongeBob is unhappy due to the fact that he has to go to boating school. Patrick suggests calling in sick, but SpongeBob doesn't want his perfect attendance record to end. They concoct a plan that SpongeBob will pretend to go to the bathroom but will sneak to the comic book store.

The next day in boating school, SpongeBob pretends to have to go. Mrs. Puff gives him the bathroom key and tells him to return it to her desk, with that SpongeBob exits the school. He and Patrick get to the store and get their books signed and walk through jellyfish fields. The jellyfish start to lift up Patrick and let him sit on them with Patrick stating they're "friendly." They then throw themselves into SpongeBob's net then leave. SpongeBob and Patrick continue ending up buying ice cream. Sadie congratulates SpongeBob on being her 100th costumer and tells him he can come back for free ice cream anytime.

The two pursuit into Goo Lagoon where they get into a Badminton match with Sandy and a friend named Dale. SpongeBob and Patrick end Sandy's reign and unbeatable and are convinced by their fans to play another round. Then the cops come and arrest Dale, who is an ex-con on probation, for eating gummy fish (in Bikini Bottom, a reference to drug use). A fish tells SpongeBob that Dale was a nice guy until he started cutting class and ever since then, he became a criminal. With this, SpongeBob fears that he'll meet the same fate as Dale, so he continues into the school.

SpongeBob has to race through the Bikini Bottom hug fest where a woman grabs him. He forces her to let go and continues. He ends up in a pit of tar and starts to drown, remembering the last words that Mrs. Puff said to him. SpongeBob then fights his way out with a crowd cheering him on. He makes it back to the school with Mrs. Puff at the door and she becomes mad. He explains what he did, with her not knowing what he is talking about. Cops appear behind her because she is being arrested for missing jury duty. The car pulls off with her telling SpongeBob do not ditch. SpongeBob says he will never ditch again leaving her confused and angry with him.

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