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113b - The Card

SpongeBob is first seen getting money from "Quincy," the bank teller who works at the bank SpongeBob goes to. He gives SpongeBob his money, but SpongeBob is very picky on what money to give Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

Quincy and the customers are annoyed by this after a while and soon, Quincy kicks him out of the bank. SpongeBob is later shown at a card store. He is there to buy Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy cards. He opens a pack and finds four cards whom he thinks are valuable, but the store clerk tells him they are worthless and that there is one valuable card called the No. 54 card. There are only 5 of them in existence.

SpongeBob frantically attempts to buy as many packs as possible to find the card, but is unsuccessful. With only one pack left in the store, SpongeBob reveals that he has no more money. Patrick, who was originally going to buy a counting book, gives up on counting because he felt it was "too hard" and decides to buy what Spongebob is having, so the clerk gives him the last card which coincidentally ends up containing the No. 54 card. Patrick asks SpongeBob if it's a good card, SpongeBob is shocked at it and tells him it's the best card in existence. Patrick starts rubbing his teeth with the card stating how it "certainly does the job right." SpongeBob yells at him for doing the act and Patrick says he's just doing hygiene. SpongeBob goes onto a rant about how valuable the card is, but Patrick isn't paying attention, and SpongeBob's lecture is just going through one ear and out the other with him. SpongeBob finishes asking if Patrick understands, Patrick ignorantly says yes, and walks away, and starts picking his teeth with it some more. SpongeBob follows Patrick home, trying to protect the card from Patrick's carelessness. (Falling from a construction beam, mud from the bus hitting a mud puddle, walking into Goo Lagoon) When they get home, Patrick grabs his key to his house and SpongeBob freaks out and asks where the card is. He freaks out more when he asks if Patrick put it in his pocket, then starts crying in fear it would get "bent up." Patrick tells SpongeBob to calm down, for he doesn't even believe in pockets, he just keeps everything he may need in his backflaps. He pulls the card out of his backfolds and it is seen with stink coming out of it. Patrick says to SpongeBob he could keep the card because he seems so fond of it afterall, and SpongeBob is seen crying in the corner. SpongeBob gets happy, because Patrick would give up his most "valuable possesion" and Patrick, of course, says he could have the card, and SpongeBob says he's the best friend ever and hugs him. Patrick asks if he could have the card for just one day, or at least the rest of the evening. SpongeBob says sure doubtfully. He uses the card to unlock his house (after his landlord changed the lock again), making it bend, the card has its top cleaned off, from Patrick cleaning the grill with it. And it caught on fire from Patrick rubbing a coral on it to make it catch on fire so he can light the grill. Patrick spits on it so he can burn the fire out. After Patrick finished the burgers, he gives SpongeBob one, he takes it, and he sees the card is attached to the card by melted cheese, which was all over the sandwich, wreaking it's talking feature. He then wipes his face with it. The day comes to an end, so Patrick keeps his promise and gives the card to SpongeBob. SpongeBob begins crying, and when Patrick asks what is wrong, he says that card was a very rare one, and he just destroyed it. Patrick says he'll get it some day, but SpongeBob explains that he bought the last pack. Meaning that there were no more packs left in all of Bikini Bottom until the new shipment comes (judging by his crying, the shipment must take a long time). Patrick then reveals that he has several other No. 54 cards that were also in the pack he bought and gives the four other cards to SpongeBob, who is happy. But then, he has to use one of them because he locked himself out of his house again.

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