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112a - Porous Pockets

SpongeBob is walking around in the Jellyfish Fields. Suddenly, SpongeBob hears a shriek in Jellyfish Fields and thinks that the shriek came from Patrick, who turns out to have just been mouthing it. Instead, it comes from a clam that is choking on a pearl. The clam coughs up the pearl with Patrick's assistance, and Patrick claims it is a volleyball. At the volleyball court, a local Bikini Bottom citizen offers SpongeBob a "small fortune" for his pearl. SpongeBob accepts the offer, and he gets loads of trucks dumping billions of dollars on his house. SpongeBob and Patrick use some of money by spending it on lifetime supply of strawberry gum, but he still has loads of it.

Later, SpongeBob gives out money to others at the local ice-cream stand, causing him to get a lot of friends. SpongeBob is overtaken by fame that he forget Patrick was his best friend. He keeps giving money to his rich "friends", and so many people have used him for it that he runs out completely. Spongebob returns to his normal life and he and Patrick reconcile. Patrick finds another "volleyball", which is really a huge diamond from the Bikini Bottom Diamond Mine.

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