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110b - Grooming Gary

SpongeBob enters Gary in a contest and sees a man with a snail who wears very expensive clothing and thinks Gary needs to get a makeover. After Gary finishes his makeover, he and SpongeBob go to the contest and Gary gets angry about expensive clothing and turn the Pet Contest into a Pet Riot. All the other pets began to burn all the clothes and attack their owners. One of the owners named Charles asked his pet Foofie why he is so angry and asked somebody who can understand what the pets are saying. SpongeBob explains what Gary is saying and said that the pets don't want to be in these pet shows because they want to be treated fair and want to be themselves instead of being treated like "rag dolls in scratchy outfits" and the riot is over. However, it is Patrick that wins the pet show, probably because he wanted to see SpongeBob win the contest close-up.

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