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093b - Pat No Pay

Patrick develops Krabby Patty withdrawal, so he goes to the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs is eager to have a customer, and asks Patrick if he could pay for the Krabby Patty. Patrick says he could, and proceeds to eat 50 Krabby Patties. When Mr. Krabs presents Patrick with the bill, the starfish realizes he doesn't have any money, so Mr. Krabs puts him to work.

However, Patrick messes up, even the smallest jobs, so Mr. Krabs places him in a room with a large trash compactor. Patrick places full trash bags into the machine, an easy job that the starfish handles well, until SpongeBob walks in to bumble check on him. SpongeBob is carrying a bag of money that Mr. Krabs wants him to put in the safe. When Patrick finishes the job of getting rid of the garbage, he notices the bag over SpongeBob's shoulder, and immediately thinks he forgot one. He takes the sack, and despite SpongeBob's loud protests, places it on the shredder. Since it's full of coins, the shredder can't slice the bag up, so Patrick flips the power switch up and down, causing the compactor to expand just as Mr. Krabs walks in. Suddenly, the compactor and the Krusty Krab explode, and the sack of money, which was launched into the air, lands in the compactor, where it shredded.

As bits of paper money fall like snow, Patrick asks Mr. Krabs if he can eat again, but Mr. Krabs isn't smiling and the episode ends. It's possible afterwards if Mr. Krabs will ban Patrick from eating at the Krusty Krab ever again.

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