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091b - Le Big Switch

Mr. Krabs, in an effort to increase profits and decrease costs, puts SpongeBob into a chef exchange program. SpongeBob goes to work for a restaurant named "Fancy!", while the head chef, Le Schnook, works for the Krusty Krab.

Things do not start out well for SpongeBob, as the owner demands he cook quality Gourmet. Unfortunately, SpongeBob is quite literally incapable of cooking anything but Krabby Patties, to the degree were he can't even fry an egg without it instantly transforming into a burger. The owner continues to yell at him until he actually tastes a patty. Realizing how good it tastes, he begins to sell them to which all the rich clientele enjoy. Eventually, SpongeBob's time there is up and he is eager to return to the Krusty Krab. Unfortunately, that's not what the owner or the customers want, and they attach themselves to his ankles and beg him not to go and SpongeBob had to drag them out of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, things aren't going well at the Krusty Krab. Being bullied by Le Schnook into buying expensive decorations, ingredients, and serving food to non-existent customers, The Krusty Krab (and Mr. Krabs) goes completely bankrupt and goes out of business. He sells the decorations, his home possessions, Squidward, and his desk. Le Schnook then gives him a bill for services. Mr. Krabs breaks down crying, realizing what giving away SpongeBob cost him. It is at that time SpongeBob returns, a massive chain of customers still attached to his ankles.

The episode wraps up with the Krusty Krab opening again. Old and rich new clientele happily eating off the floor like pigs to which Squidward asks if they should even be eating on the floor. Mr. Krabs then responds that the only thing they need is food and love.

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