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088b - SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget

Patchy the Pirate is back, and reads a story about Squidward and SpongeBob. Squidward invents a machine that he calls The Patty Gadget, and he insists that Mr. Krabs fire SpongeBob because it can make Patties faster and Mr. Krabs does not have to pay for it. Then, Mr. Krabs declares Krabby Patty War against the Patty Gadget.

First, SpongeBob seems to be faster, but the machine is not an easy challenge for him. Everyone was enjoying the fight (except for Patrick who had to go to the bathroom.)

Squidward then bursts out the handle of the Patty Gadget and SpongeBob kills the enemy off by using his powerful kicking and punching powers against it. However, SpongeBob faints after winning the fight. Everyone thinks that SpongeBob was buried, but it was actually the Patty Gadget. Squidward cried after discovering the death of his machine with the words, "R.I.P, my Krabby Patty Gadget." Patchy closes the book with the picture of the machine's tombstone and then the word The End beside it. The word The Legends of SpongeBob in the end of the book just like from the beginning.

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