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082b - Night Light

SpongeBob reads a scary book before bedtime. Because of that he sees scary creatures when he turns off the light (Such as the chair as a monstrous brain beast, and coral branch tapping the window as a monsters hand). When at the Krusty Krab, he gets terrified of a pot on his head, then he tells Mr. Krabs that if he blinks, he sees something scary, he then tries not to blink, but doesn't work, he then gets spooked by the dark in the freezer when Mr. Krabs wanted him to get some fresh patties. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to get a night light so he won't be scared of the dark. However, he buys more when he finds more darkness in the house. Eventually, there are thousands of night lights in every room.

Patrick wakes up and sees SpongeBob's house lit up. He thinks SpongeBob is throwing a party and goes to his house, but SpongeBob warns him about the dark so he brings his rock inside SpongeBob's pineapple. While getting more night lights, Squidward tells them that they have too many lights and that the creepy creatures of the dark are just their imagination. While getting a lighthouse, it makes an M in the sky so Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy come. Meanwhile, the Moth, one of Mermaid Man's enemies who he has been searching 57 years for, finds the light, but SpongeBob traps him inside the lighthouse, but the Moth carries the lighthouse along with the Pineapple.

SpongeBob and Patrick are alone in the dark until the sun rises. Patrick goes up to get it, thinking it is a light and SpongeBob falls asleep. Patrick comes down again on fire shouting"Too much light!

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