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076b - Hocus Pocus

SpongeBob SquarePants is preparing popcorn for himself and Gary. The popcorn flies into his living room, and he settles down to watch television, when a commercial comes on for a magic kit, which SpongeBob decides to order.

Four to six weeks later, SpongeBob receives the kit in the mail and decides to show Squidward his skills in the magical arts. He tries to demonstrate a card trick to Squidward, but Squidward heads out of town on a bus passing by. Meanwhile, a boat passing by hits a crack and a pistachio ice cream flies onto Squidward's chair. Because of this, SpongeBob thinks he's turned Squidward into the ice cream, and promises him that he will still be able to live a normal life.

Some time later, at Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob notices 'Squidward' is melting, so rushes him home and puts him in the freezer. Patrick shows up, and SpongeBob explains what has happened to him. Patrick attempts to eat 'Squidward', but the ice cream cone melts. Just then, SpongeBob realises that Mr. Magic can help them, so him and Patrick pay him a visit. The floating fish head tells them that he can't help SpongeBob, and Patrick notices a leg sticking out from behind a curtain. Behind the curtain, a fish is talking into a microphone, and saying exactly what Mr. Magic is saying. The fish claims he is technically Mr. Magic, but he can't help SpongeBob. SpongeBob is angry because of this, and exclaims loudly that his faith in the magical arts is ruined, before Mr. Magic gets security to kick him and Patrick out.

Back in the neighborhood, SpongeBob is still grieving, when Squidward shows up, making SpongeBob believe he really is magic. Squidward then runs away, yet again. Patrick asks SpongeBob to turn him into a jar of mayonnaise, SpongeBob does so, and amazingly, it works!

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