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075a - Squidtastic Voyage

At SpongeBob's house, him and Patrick are dancing. The music is shaking Squidward's house, so Squidward tells them to lower the volume. When they don't listen, Squidward plays a squeaky tune which sends SpongeBob and Patrick flying into Squidward's house and causes SpongeBob to hit Squidward, lodging his clarinet in his throat which makes Squidward make squeaky notes. When SpongeBob gets the clarinet out of Squidward's throat the reed is still stuck in him. They then go to Sandy who has a plan. She decides to go in a submarine, shrink herself (and the submarine), go into Squidward's body and retrieve the reed.

When Sandy goes to get some acorns and nuts from the Treedome she tells SpongeBob to guard the submarine. Patrick walks by and manipulates SpongeBob to guard the submarine from the inside. They go in there and guard it when Patrick presses the shrink button, shrinking the submarine. Sandy comes back and notices them. She then has to guide them to Squidward's brain. There, SpongeBob and Patrick start to hit parts of the brain, causing Squidward to lose self-control.

For a moment, SpongeBob and Patrick actually fight each other for control of the vehicle and land in Squidward's stomach, where the gastric acid starts to eat the submarine away. Patrick thinks of an idea: If Squidward can drink soda, then bubbles (gas) would surround them and it would refuel the submarine. Squidward drinks soda and the suddenly burps creating bubbles. They travel through the throat where SpongeBob removes the clarinet reed by doing what he was "born to do," dance. The reed is removed and the gang celebrates, but is cut short by the sound of the now angered Squidward. He demands them to leave his body and yells at them to "GO!" However, Patrick mistakes it for "grow" and hits the grow button while still being in Squidward's body.

Squidward is next seen at the Krusty Krab looking bloated and his stomach in the shape of a submarine. A flush sound is then heard, followed by Patrick, still stuck in the submarine in Squidward's body, claiming the toilet is clogged (again, apparently) Squidward groans.

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