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071b - Karate Island

SpongeBob is waxing Gary when the local mailfish shows up and hands SpongeBob a videotape. SpongeBob plays the tape on his TV, which says that he has been crowned "King of Karate" and tells him to go to "Karate Island" to be crowned.

SpongeBob is about to leave when he encounters Sandy, to whom he happily explains that he is the King of Karate. Sandy is suspicious of this, so she accompanies SpongeBob on the boat ride. The boat stops at Karate Island, where the guru, Master Udon, greets SpongeBob, but ignores Sandy. SpongeBob, to prove his Karate skills, asks to fight Master Udon's best guards. Three guards arrive, and when they fight SpongeBob, they pretend to get hurt and soon pretended to be defeated.

Sandy notices this, adding to her suspicion. SpongeBob is officially crowned "King of Karate" and sits on his throne and requests Sandy to sit beside him in a lounge chair. Sandy leaves when SpongeBob becomes arrogantly proud and accuses her of being jealous of him. After she leaves, SpongeBob is suddenly locked into his throne. Just as the water is up to Sandy's head (she was walking into the water), she hears SpongeBob's cries for help, and reluctantly goes back to save him.

Sandy fights through Udon's castle, fighting an opponent on each floor with an unusual "power" (there are three floors that Sandy has to get through) until she crashes through the top floor's entry way; the trapdoor where SpongeBob is being held hostage by Master Udon. Udon reveals that he is a real estate agent, and won't let SpongeBob go until he agrees to buy a time-share condo on the island, while also increasing his equity. He then tells SpongeBob he is not king of karate, but could be king of condos. SpongeBob shouts in horror and Sandy attempts to fight Udon, but he drops a sturdy bamboo cage on her, which she quickly breaks out of with meditation, strange hand movements and weird muttering. Master Udon rips off his robes while Sandy rips off her jumpsuit to expose her bikini and after a brief muscle growth in their swimsuits the two begin fighting, (Udon's extra muscles were in his eyebrows, and Sandy's were in her tail) and Sandy defeats Udon by kicking him out of the room into the water below. She frees SpongeBob, and the two leave the island.

The episode ends with Squidward arriving on "Clarinet Island" to be crowned "King of Clarinets," and him being looked down upon by Master Udon.

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