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068a - Patrick SmartPants

SpongeBob and Patrick are having fun at Jellyfish Fields. Patrick accidentally falls down a cliff and loses his head. SpongeBob mistakenly picks up a piece of Brain Coral and puts it in a big hole on Patrick's head.

Suddenly, the piece of Brain Coral gains him intelligence. Patrick seems to be interested in nature, work and almost any music when he is intelligent. He loses interest in all the things he and SpongeBob enjoyed, and actually has fun with Squidward and Sandy, until driving them both away with his patronizing attitude (he tells Squidward to find himself a new musical mentor and tells Sandy that she does not have the ability to solve "remedial" equations, causing Sandy to shout "I liked you better when you were a barnacle head!").

Since he is too hard even for them, Patrick wants to have fun with SpongeBob again. He tries many solutions to solve his problem, such as comparing himself with SpongeBob, meditating, doing research on Squidward, reading books about smarts, and even growing hair, but none of these things work.

Eventually he kidnaps SpongeBob and tries doing all the activities he used to do. When this doesn't work, he tries to redo his actions by falling off the cliff again. Patrick lets his body remain without a forehead (again), then SpongeBob puts on Patrick's original forehead, which makes him normal again. Then Patrick starts to burp, and SpongeBob and Patrick make loud, obnoxious noices and start giggling and running off.

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