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060a - SpongeBob Meets the Strangler

SpongeBob has a man arrested for littering. After calling the police on him and having him arrested, Squidward reveals that the stranger is, in fact, the Tattle-Tale Strangler, an extremely dangerous criminal who murders anyone who reports him to the cops by strangling them. Seconds later, the Strangler escapes, and begins planning to kill SpongeBob. SpongeBob looks for a bodyguard for protection, but no one would take the job knowing that they would have to face the Strangler. SpongeBob decides to go into hiding until the Strangler gives up on him, until a man who is obviously the Strangler using a fake mustache as a disguise offers to take the job, intending to lead SpongeBob to a place where he can kill him with no other witnesses. SpongeBob, oblivious to his identity, hires him.

However, SpongeBob needs to run some errands first. They are faced by every possible delay, and when they finally get to SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob realizes he lost his key and looks for it in his pockets for 20 minutes. The Strangler suggests entering through the window. The window is too high for him to reach, so the Strangler asks SpongeBob to climb on his shoulders. SpongeBob, now with sharp cleats on his shoes, does so, his shoes going directly inside of the Strangler's eyeholes. He runs around for 6 hours before finally pulling the shoes out.

SpongeBob eventually remembers that the key was under his doormat. The Strangler then locks the doors and starts to choke SpongeBob. The lights then turn on, revealing a "100% on-time average" surprise party. SpongeBob acts surprised, asking how they knew, with Patrick saying that they just did what the invitations told them to do. The party goes on for a considerable length of time. The Strangler then attempts to choke him again, but the guests come back for a birthday party for SpongeBob. Finally alone, he tries again, but then Patrick shows up for some odd reason. The Strangler tries to get rid of him, saying that he could be the Strangler in disguise. Patrick then runs off thinking that he is the strangler, breaking through the wall and running off to turn himself in.

SpongeBob is confused upon realizing that Patrick is the Strangler. The real Strangler, enraged, reveals his true identity and intentions by removing his disguise. However, SpongeBob still fails to understand, and is amazed at the Strangler being able to tear off his mustache without shaving cream. The Guests return overhearing the word "party." The Strangler runs away, but SpongeBob goes after him, saying he still needs protection from the "strangler." He attempts to escape in a series of vehicles, but SpongeBob catches up every time. Eventually, he lands in the police department in a jail cell and SpongeBob learns the truth. Immediately, the Strangler finds Patrick in his cell.