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056b - I Had an Accident

The Episode begins with Patrick sandboarding, and he crashes into a hill into pieces. It turns out Patrick was playing a video game, but the same thing that happened to the character soon happens to him. Sandy warns SpongeBob not to play games and board, so SpongeBob begins to board anyways. While sandboarding, SpongeBob does a stunt called "The Grouchy Squidward." While doing this stunt, he almost crashes into a tree. Then, he crashes into the ground, because Sandy says it hurts a lot, and SpongeBob is taken to the hospital.

Purple Doctorfish says that it took 20 hours to glue it back together, and that if he has another similar injury, he may end up with an "iron butt," a huge machine on wheels connected to where the butt used to be. SpongeBob goes on "around-the-clock butt patrol," and after seeing many potentially dangerous things outside decides to stay home forever with his "potato chip," the "penny" that has never been used, and a "tissue napkin" that has been truly used. Sandy and Patrick try to persuade to get SpongeBob to come outside, which are to no avail until they attempt to stage a fake gorilla attack.

SpongeBob is unconvinced by this, until a duplicated clone of Patrick Star appears to torture the real Patrick Star and Sandy, which transforms into an actual real live-action gorilla, stuffed them into the bag, and he attacks them. SpongeBob leaves the safety of his home to save his friends, but is easily defeated and is split into half by a gorilla. The episode ends with a massive non-sequitur: When SpongeBob asks how a gorilla can exist underwater, the gorilla says "George, they're on to us!" and runs away on his zebra. The characters watch them run off, and a family that watched it all in confusion turns off the TV.