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048a - No Weenies Allowed

SpongeBob and Sandy are at Goo Lagoon, they were about to go swimming in the lake but SpongeBob wasn't wearing his swim suit, Sandy pointed this out, so SpongeBob went into the clothing tent to change into his swim suit. While Spongebob is in the changing room, he puts on his Karate suit, wanting to surprise Sandy. However, when he comes out of the Changing Room and surprise attacks Sandy, Sandy slashes at him, showing she had the same idea. During the battle Sandy hits SpongeBob so hard he goes flying out of the water. Sandy uses this time to get ice cream, when SpongeBob flies back into the water, Sandy pauses her ice cream moment to hit SpongeBob and he goes flying. SpongeBob flies so far he ends up at a place the place has a bunch of muscle men waiting in line for something. SpongeBob hits into one of the scary muscle men, and he gets angry, thinking it's a piece of paper. He turns around to see who threw the "Paper" at him and SpongeBob gets scared because the man is mean and tough. SpongeBob covers it up by hiding until Sandy comes and he comes out. Sandy comes and asks what they're standing in line for and the muscle man says their waiting in line for the Salty Spittoon. The toughest sailor club in Bikini Bottom. And that only the toughest fishes can get in.

SpongeBob attempts to get into the Salty Spitoon. But, the bouncer, Reg allows Sandy in as she's one of the toughest fighters in Bikini Bottom, but rejects SpongeBob because he is not tough enough. Reg suggests that SpongeBob should go instead to one of the nearby Weenie Hut Jr. chains, much to SpongeBob's intense annoyance and humiliation.

The Weenie Hut Jr. patrons suggest ways for SpongeBob to prove his toughness and gain entrance. SpongeBob figures that the quickest way to do so would be to win a fight, but since he is not very strong, he decides to stage a fight with Patrick. The staged fight nearly fails as Patrick begins to legitimately attack SpongeBob, but soon remembers his job and beats himself up. Reg becomes amazed about SpongeBob beating up Patrick without touching him and finally allows him to enter the Salty Spittoon.

SpongeBob runs inside the club, but he slips on an ice cube and falls, putting him in the hospital. He initially is admitted to Bikini Bottom General Hospital, but while talking to the doctor, he refers to his injuries as "boo-boos." The doctor suggests that SpongeBob be admitted to a hospital named "Weenie Hut General," much to his dismay.