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046a - Snowball Effect

An iceberg travels across the surface of the ocean and stops over Bikini Bottom, causing it to snow underwater. Everyone is having fun in the snow, and SpongeBob and Patrick decide to have a snowball fight. Meanwhile, Squidward is relaxing at home with a cup of tea. He hears the sounds of SpongeBob and Patrick's fighting and tells them to quiet down. They try to convince him to come out and play with them, both trying to get him on their own side, but Squidward shoots both of them down.

Squidward decides that, as entertainment, he will watch them fight, hoping they will get hurt. SpongeBob and Patrick realize that snowball fights are for children, and they sign a peace treaty. Squidward tries to convince them to continue, but repeatedly gets hit with a snowball by Patrick. He then decides to throw a snowball and misses. SpongeBob and Patrick then proceed to duck behind their fort and mercilessly begin to pelt Squidward with snowballs. A frustrated Squidward then proceeds to throw a snowball and hits SpongeBob right in the face. He then becomes exhilarated and begins relentlessly pelting SpongeBob and Patrick with snowballs. After being hit by a snowball containing his clarinet, SpongeBob and Patrick decide that Squidward is taking the snowball fight far too seriously and sneak off.

When Squidward notices that the snowballs have "stop falling", Squidward becomes paranoid and riled-up and decides to make his fort bigger and eventually builds it to the size of a tower. Squidward continues to throw snowballs as an overhead tree branch keeps dropping snow on his head that he believes are snowballs being thrown by SpongeBob and Patrick. Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick relax in the pineapple watching TV with hot chocolate and popcorn.

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