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045a - Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy are entering the Krusty Krab, most likely for lunch, and upon realizing this, SpongeBob goes into an excited frenzy, bursting through a steel wall in order to get their autograph. The heroes run away from him, accidentally leaving Mermaid Man's utility belt inside. SpongeBob finds it, and tries to give it back, but they drive away in the Invisible Boat Mobile before he can do so. SpongeBob decides to wear the belt and play with it, thinking that he could hold on to it until after work. He discovers the "Small Ray," and starts shrinking the items in the kitchen. However, Squidward enters the room and sees SpongeBob serving tiny Krabby Patties to cockroaches and asks SpongeBob why is everything in the kitchen so tiny. Squidward discovers that SpongeBob has Mermaid Man's belt. Assuming that SpongeBob has stolen the belt, he plans to do the right thing and call Mermaid Man in order to get revenge, and tell on him. SpongeBob realizes that if Squidward tells on him, Mermaid Man will find out and he will be kicked out of his fan club for sure. In order to stop Squidward, SpongeBob shrinks him, and promises to find a way to return him to normal after Squidward demands SpongeBob to return him to normal size. He tries to use the different buttons to make Squidward big, but none of them work. Not wanting Mermaid Man to find out due to how he might react, he leaves to find someone that can help him.

SpongeBob goes to Patrick for help, and Patrick mistakes Squidward for a "Squidward Action Figure" and starts playing with him, even after realizing that it is the real Squidward. Patrick then suggests to turn the "M" upside down, setting the belt to W for "Wumbo." SpongeBob questions the validity of this, but after Patrick responds by stating the many uses of "Wumbo," SpongeBob is convinced and tests it out, but then accidentally shrinks Patrick. Seconds later, citizens start coming and greeting to SpongeBob, making him shrink them so that they can't tell Mermaid Man. Eventually, SpongeBob has shrunken everyone (including his mother) in Bikini Bottom, and stuffs them into a jar. He then realizes that he has shrunken Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy as well, and he asks them how to "unshrink" objects. Mermaid Man asks him if he has tried setting it to Wumbo, and upon realizing that he does not know how to unshrink them either, the people except for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy form a mob and get out of the jar. They go inside of SpongeBob's body and beat him up. This continues for a while until eventually everyone says that everything is too big. This gives SpongeBob the idea to shrink Bikini Bottom itself, which satisfies the people, who see no discernible difference from their previous lives in living in a miniature Bikini Bottom. Finally, SpongeBob shrinks himself, and the tiny city begins celebrating. The closing scene shows Plankton getting off a bus, returning to Bikini Bottom from a vacation. He is surprised to see that he is now taller than Bikini Bottom.

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