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043b - The Bully

SpongeBob is at boating school, and Mrs. Puff announces that there's a new student. His name is Flatts the Flounder, and he tells SpongeBob that he is going to "kick his butt." SpongeBob at first assumes him to be joking, but Flatts soon makes it clear that he really means to beat up SpongeBob. SpongeBob, who takes this extremely seriously, tries to seek help and to reason with Flatts, but to no avail.

He eventually runs away into town, where Flatts attempts to run him over with a garbage truck, while he eventually drives over a banana peel, causing it to flip over. Flatts awakens in the hospital, where he learns that SpongeBob saved his life by performing CPR on him for five hours straight.

Despite this, Flatts continues to pursue SpongeBob. When SpongeBob runs through town, some people kick an old man's butt who they think is going to kick SpongeBob's butt. The old man was by a bus stop and a guy asks "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?" Eventually, he corners SpongeBob in his own home, where he proceeds to beat him up.

However, SpongeBob's spongy body absorbs the blows, and he is unharmed. Flatts continues to hit SpongeBob nonstop throughout all of next week, until he finally faints from exhaustion. His classmates cheer for SpongeBob. However, pitying Flatts, SpongeBob starts a speech, which ends with him making a fist. Mrs. Puff enters and sees SpongeBob making a fist, and believes SpongeBob beat up Flatts. The episode ends with Mrs. Puff saying "I'm going to kick your butt!" to SpongeBob.