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041a - The Algae's Always Greener

After failing to steal the Krabby Patty formula once again, Plankton decides that he is tired of eating "holographic meatloaf" and wants to switch lives with Mr. Krabs, believing that he will have a better life. Plankton does so using his machine, and wakes up in his Mr. Krabs' office, wearing his uniform, and sees a name plate reading "Mr. Plankton" and a photo of him with Pearl. Plankton realizes that he has successfully teleported to a universe where he was successful, and has an alternate SpongeBob give him two Krabby Patties for "bun inspection." While Plankton is in his office, drooling over the Krabby Patties and celebrating his new found power and wealth, SpongeBob suddenly appears for his weekly performance review.

Plankton tells him that he's fine the way he is, but SpongeBob persists and all but demands that something be found wrong with him, Plankton relents and tells him he has been using too much sauce, which contrary to his insistence of being criticized SpongeBob gets shocked and starts to make weird shuddering noises while twitching. To calm him down, Plankton promotes SpongeBob to "co-cashier," much to the disdain of that universe's Squidward, who enters his office to complain and wants his view to be a little less yellow, and is then made fry cook while Plankton replies, "I hope you like gray!" Before Plankton can get back to his Krabby Patties, an alternate Pearl, now his daughter, comes into the restaurant, asking for an "advance" on her allowance.

An alternate Mr. Krabs, who now has the life of Plankton, and is completely naked, as Plankton normally does not wear clothes, appears, with a Krabby Patty in hand. SpongeBob tries to shoot Krabs using a cannon that shoots out clothes, and throws the Krabby Patty to Plankton after Mr. Krabs is shot with a bra, he is though still confused about what is going on.

As Mr. Krabs leaves, the people at the Krusty Krab give a "victory screech." Mr. Krabs tells Plankton that he will come back every day as he says repetitively, "And the next day, and the next day, and the next day-"Soon, when he leaves the Krusty Krab, he calls Plankton on a phone and repeats the lines to him over and over again, Plankton then screams and he wakes up in his reality. The episode ends with him saying "Holographic Meatloaf. My favorite!" and Plankton eats happily.