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037b - I'm with Stupid

Patrick is at his home preparing for the next day, which is Starfish Day. SpongeBob, who wants to go jellyfishing with Patrick, finds that Patrick is frantically cleaning up his home.

When questioned about his actions, Patrick gives SpongeBob a note, then a letter, and then a message, which states that Patrick's mother and father are coming over for the holiday Starfish Day.

Patrick then gets upset, and reveals that his parents think he is "dumber than a sack of diapers" and would just think that he would be a big stupid loser.

SpongeBob, who feels sorry for Patrick, offers to pretend he is dumb so Patrick's parents would think Patrick is smarter by comparison.

I'm with the dummy

SpongeBob is offended by Patrick's T-shirt.

The next day, Patrick's parents arrive. Patrick shows them inside his house, and then SpongeBob arrives, wearing his karate helmet so he would look like a dummy. After SpongeBob meets Patrick's parents, Patrick starts to believe that SpongeBob is dumb, forgetting that SpongeBob is only pretending to be dumb.

At dinner, Patrick begins to make personal insults, which annoys SpongeBob. SpongeBob decides to have a talk with Patrick in the kitchen. However, the talk and reminder fail to make its way into Patrick's narrow head.

SpongeBob confesses to his parents that he is not really a dummy, and that he was only playing the part of one so that they would appreciate Patrick more.

This also fails, though, because Patrick's parents think that Patrick "taught" SpongeBob on how to talk, eat, and do the basic things in life. They all laugh, which makes SpongeBob upset, shout and crashes the wall in Patrick's house to get out.

Patrick's parents commend Patrick on his supposed intelligence, and later reveal their names, Janet and Marty. Patrick, confused and outraged, asks who they are. Before anything else can occur, Squidward comes to Patrick's house with his real parents, Herb and Margie, and says, "Does this lovely couple belong to you? They've been standing outside my house saying "Where's Patrick?" all day! It's driving me nuts."

His parents are happy to meet him, and said that he remembers to wear his pants. Janet and Marty then remember they do not even have a son and leave while Patrick, Herb, and Margie share a laugh.

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