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036b - Krusty Love

This episode starts at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs smells something weird. He goes to the cash register, where the smell is coming from. It is the smell of money. However, it does not smell like it usually does. Mr. Krabs can smell that the money is equal to $49.08, which means that 1 penny was lost. He goes crazy, while SpongeBob reassures him that one penny is not that much. Mr. Krabs, while giving a speech on his love of money, sees Mrs. Puff eating at Krusty Krab, and instantly falls in love with her. When SpongeBob says that she is married, Mr. Krabs asks what happened to Mr. Puff. The screen then shows a lamp shade made from a puffer fish being turned on, hinting that he was turned into a lamp. SpongeBob then says that she does not like to talk about it. That night when Mr. Krabs goes on a date with her to the Fancy! Restaurant with imported music, but ends up spending a whopping $100,000.00 in one night. The next time Mr. Krabs goes on a date with her, he leaves SpongeBob in charge of his wallet. However when he goes to Mrs. Puff's House, he forces SpongeBob to buy a long series of increasingly unnecessary things for her. Mr. Krabs is still getting mad at him for spending his money. Eventually, SpongeBob becomes fed up and after Mr. Krabs makes a snide comment about him, mouths off to Mr. Krabs and leaves. In the end, Mrs. Puff says she does not feel comfortable accepting all of the gifts and says she would rather go Dutch, gives Mr. Krabs some money, and kisses him, causing his eyes to form into a heart shape.