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033b - Gary Takes a Bath

The Gary clock is ticking and SpongeBob knows it's time for Gary's bath, but that snail doesn't want to take a bath. SpongeBob tries to put Gary in the bath tub, but he refuses. So SpongeBob tries constant tricks to get Gary in the bathtub. First, he tries throwing a ball to the bathtub. However, it's a Boomerang Pet Ball, so it comes right back. Next, he straps a bomb to his chest and telling Gary that it will explode if he doesn't take a bath.

Gary dosen't move and as a result; the bomb explodes. His next attempt is sending subliminal messages and he then tries calling a French restraunt. Next, he plays leapfrog but just ends up breaking Gary's shell. He then tries to bribe Gary saying he'll give a dollar for the next person takes a bath, but out of nowhere, 'Mr. Krabs shows up in a bathtub and takes the dollar.He tries dancing and a fake treasure hunt, but they fail to. For his last attempt, SpongeBob loads up with water and tries to shoot it at Gary. He corners Gary in a tree, but when SpongeBob shoot water at him, he thinks he bathed Gary too hard and removed his skin. The real Gary steals SpongeBob's ladder which now leaves SpongeBob stuck on top of the tree. Then, SpongeBob notices Gary sneaking towards a mud puddle. SpongeBob gives Gary a 3 second count to get away from the mud puddle. However, SpongeBob accidentally falls in the mud puddle which forces him to take the bath instead.

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