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032a - Pressure

One day, Sandy & SpongeBob are peacefully watching the clouds. SpongeBob points out that cloud looks like flower, but Sandy points out they all look like flowers. Sandy then challenges SpongeBob to a mountain-climbing contest, which she wins after a head start. SpongeBob then challenges Sandy to a race to the Krusty Krab, and he wins by the same means as Sandy.

Sandy boasts that land creatures are better than sea creatures, saying that they have way more skills and abilities than any sea creature. SpongeBob & his friends stubbornly reject this allegation and point out things that Sandy can't do, such as breathe underwater. She is quickly intimidated and tears off her suit and her helmet. She eventually can't breathe, and is forced to use a pickle jar as a makeshift air helmet.

To settle the issue, she challenges Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, & Squidward to go above water for 1 minute, which they agree to do but almost chicken out at the last minute. Unwilling to let her win, they go up to the surface and find it to be pretty easy; that is, until they are attacked by a pair of hungry seagulls.

Sandy rushes up to the surface to find her friends in danger and beats up the seagulls to save her friends. Back on the ocean floor, the two sides come to the realization that everybody, sea and land creatures alike, are good at something, but nobody's good at everything. They then start cheering for being sorry to each other and SpongeBob & Sandy making up with each other. The seagulls are then shown all beaten up and sarcastically saying "Hooray" too.

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