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030a - No Free Rides

SpongeBob begins the episode by failing the last boating exam of the year which ends after he runs over the French Narrator. Mrs. Puff tells him that he hit another pedestrian, so he gets a 6 out of 600. Mrs. Puff, tired of administrating boating exams for SpongeBob, makes SpongeBob take an extra credit exam, where SpongeBob has to write about one thing he learned in boating school. SpongeBob cannot decide, gets nervous, and starts having a nervous breakdown. But Mrs. Puff, completely tired of SpongeBob, lets him pass anyway.

After SpongeBob leaves, Mrs. Puff considers that she has done the wrong thing, and starts feeling guilt. Luckily, she knows that he does not yet have a boat to drive. Later when Mrs. Puff gets home, she opens the door and SpongeBob and his parents are inside with a huge cake yelling "Surprise!" Mrs. Puff, surprised, starts feeling guilty again when SpongeBob's parents thank her for finally teaching their son how to drive. Then, SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff get a surprise when they see that SpongeBob's parents bought him a brand new boatmobile. Surprised, SpongeBob faints into the cake. SpongeBob's parents take him home. Mrs. Puff realizes she needs to cover this up before anyone figures out she let him skip through boating school.

Later, SpongeBob's parents tuck him into his bed and tell him that he cannot drive anywhere that night. When his parents are gone home, he sneaks out his bedroom window, gets into the car, and falls asleep. Not long after, Mrs. Puff hi-jacks SpongeBob's car and steals it. SpongeBob then wakes up constantly saying "You're not gonna get away with stealing my car" and him and Mrs. Puff start to fight.

Mrs. Puff drives through various obstacles that hinder SpongeBob (including cheese graters and educational television), but he catches up to her and two police officers see the commotion from their police car. Then, Spongebob reveals to himself the thief is Mrs. Puff, then the car crashes into the police car. Spongebob and Mrs. Puff are talking in the Bikini Bottom jail where Mrs. Puff is being held for a short term, Mrs. Puff apologizes to Spongebob and says she shouldn't have passed him because he wasn't really ready and SpongeBob thinks he has to give his license back, but Mrs. Puff tells him another driving teacher, Mrs. Flounder is starting a new driving class, but Spongebob tells her she is the only one who can teach him and the warden will let her go early if she gives him free driving lessons.

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