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027a - Prehibernation Week

At Sandy's Treedome, Sandy is raking up leaves and putting them in a pile of leaves that form the shape of Texas. Sandy tries to tell SpongeBob that she finished raking the leaves, but she find herself stepping on even more of the leaves. SpongeBob says he is raking the big leaves but they keep turning into smaller leaves because he is using a small raker. Sandy tells SpongeBob to do something else, but they have to get this stuff done before it's too late. SpongeBob asks Sandy on what's the big rush, and she says hibernating next week. SpongeBob does not know what hibernation mean and is told by Sandy while she's paint a fence that it's when she goes asleep for the full winter because it's a mammalian thing. Sandy then tells SpongeBob enough enough chitter-chatter because she does not have much time left before her hibernation begins in 1 week. That only gives SpongeBob and Sandy 168 more hours of playtime. Sandy says that in meantime, SpongeBob and her need to climb some things, jump off of stuff, and ride some things. SpongeBob promises to commit all the time he has not already given Mr. Krabs to Sandy. For the next 7 days, it's going to be SpongeBob, Sandy, and sweatbands.

However, their activities, include sandboarding, trying to knock each other off the top of the "Sea Needle," "Extreme Jacks," and "Find the Hay in the Needlestack," prove extremely dangerous, and SpongeBob, being not as tough as Sandy, can just barely avoid getting killed, and, at one point is reduced to a literal puddle. He goes into hiding to escape from her, and Sandy, worrying for his safety, forces everyone in Bikini Bottom to form a search party for SpongeBob. Sandy has them search in dangerous places such as sulfur fields and a poison sea urchin cove. After days of searching with no success, they all wanted a break, and take care of their children, but Sandy suggest to use them to crawl under places the adults can't reach. After someone whispered "This is a load of barnacles," Sandy goes mad saying that no one is going anywhere until they find him. Everyone tried to fool Sandy that they found him by SpongeBob's shape and color like a fish, a cereal box, and a banana, but she doesn't buy any of that. One fooled her that he was up in the sky, But after realizing that he's not in the sky, Sandy sees that everyone was gone, and thinking they've gone to search for more. Eventually everyone was hiding under Patrick's rock. Still frantic, Sandy now starts literally destroying the city while looking for SpongeBob. SpongeBob made everyone find him when he said "You said it, Sandy will never find us here" everyone looked at him, and throw him out for Sandy to find. To let Sandy notice him, Squidward shouted "Oh look it is I Spongebob out here in the open" and Sandy found him with SpongeBob was frightened and wanted to go back under the rock, but Sandy grabbed his head. Sandy is relieved to see him and gives SpongeBob a bone-crushing hug. She says that they have just enough time to go "atom smashing" before she hibernates, but SpongeBob finally explains to her that she is hurting him. While he does so, he realizes that Sandy has fallen asleep, and the relieved SpongeBob then falls asleep as well. Patrick, eating an ice cream and carrying a grocery bag, appears and sees the people under his rock, exclaiming "Who are you people?!," before fading to black.

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