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025a - Wormy

SpongeBob and Patrick are given the task of pet sitting Sandy's pets when she is out of town. One of Sandy's pets is a small monarch caterpillar named Wormy. SpongeBob and Pat quickly befriend the caterpillar and they enjoy a day of play together, however; their fun is disrupted; overnight, when SpongeBob and Patrick are not at the Treedome, Wormy goes through quick metamorphisis and becomes a monarch butterfly. When they come back in the morning, Patrick and SpongeBob think their new friend was eaten by the butterfly. They go breserk as they try to trap the "monster." Unfortunately, Wormy (now as a butterfly) manages to escape the Treedome while flying inside a bubble. SpongeBob and Patrick begin to spread news of the terrible monster throughout Bikini Bottom. Mass chaos erupts and the whole town becomes destroyed and deserted.

Sandy arrives at the shattered town in a few days. She immediately finds Wormy and places him inside a jar. All the townsfolk cheer and celebrate the capturing of the monster.

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