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016b - The Paper

Squidward throws a bubble gum wrapper on SpongeBob's lawn. When SpongeBob discovers it, he asks Squidward if he can keep it. Squidward, who spots the paper as a worthless and useless pile of junk, says yes. SpongeBob asks him several more times to make sure that he doesn't want it, and Squidward assures him that he has no use for the paper, and sarcastically makes him promise to never give it back.

SpongeBob uses his imagination to have fun and do amazing things with the paper, and Squidward becomes jealous and attempts to take it back. However, SpongeBob refuses to give it back, as he promised not to. Squidward desperately begs SpongeBob for the paper, and is not successful until he agrees to trade everything he owns, including his house and shirt. However, Squidward does not have fun with the paper, and realizes that it is indeed completely worthless. Patrick then comes along, takes the paper from Squidward, and throws away his gum in it. Squidward, who has now given up everything he owns for nothing and is standing there naked, asks "Anyone have any sunscreen?".