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015b - Suds

The episode starts with SpongeBob asleep and having a dream about Krabby Patties. He awakens hungry, and makes a seanut butter and jellyfish jelly sandwich as a midnight snack. However, he falls asleep after the first bite, leaving the refrigerator open all night and freezing the entire house. By morning he has developed the "suds", a sponge-exclusive sickness similar to a cold or influenza. Gary then suggests he stay home, but he refuses and goes to work anyway. At work he has a hard time doing his job, and when Mr. Krabs comes in to tell him off, Gary reveals to him that SpongeBob has the suds. Krabs then orders that he goes home and that he can't have him sneezing all over the food. This causes the customers to panic.

Once home, SpongeBob realizes he needs help, so he calls upon Sandy to take him to the doctor. She agrees, saying that she would be there faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August. SpongeBob cuts her off and thanks her. SpongeBob then dresses warmly in anticipation of going to the doctor, but is visited by Patrick who inquires if he is going skiing. SpongeBob explains that he is sick and going to the doctor.

Patrick then says that the doctor's office is a horrible, horrible place where they make you sit in the waiting room and read old magazines. SpongeBob, horrified, asks Patrick to be his doctor. "Doctor" Patrick begins to practice on him, starting by plugging up all of SpongeBob's holes so bubbles won't come out. However this causes SpongeBob to inflate every time he sneezes. SpongeBob thinks it's good enough. He then asks Patrick to call Sandy and tell her not to come. He does so, but Sandy doesn't buy it, and continues coming. Patrick then tells SpongeBob to hurry up or else Sandy would take him to the doctor. He tries several things to cure SpongeBob's suds, including turning his foot into a sandwich, yanking a tooth, bouncing on him like a trampoline, putting a large band-aid on him repeatedly, and even putting him in a medieval torture device, by which time, Sandy had arrived. SpongeBob sneezes one more time (this time turning him into a perfectly round ball). Sandy demands Patrick open the door, but Patrick rolls SpongeBob out the back door, and disguises him as a duplicate of his house. Sandy then questions Patrick why he has two houses. Patrick said that he had too much stuff. She then questions why his house had feet, Patrick responding that it was his "mobile home." SpongeBob then sneezes revealing himself. Patrick said that the dirt therepy was working just fine. Sandy said that he had to take him to a real doctor. Patrick refused and told SpongeBob to open his mouth and say 'AHHH', but when he does, his breath destroys nature. Sandy said that he was even worse than she thought while ripping a clothes pin off Patrick's "nose." They then fight over SpongeBob and accidently fling him into the air. Patrick said that everything was fine until Sandy showed up and Sandy said that he should be arrested for impersonating a doctor. SpongeBob then rolled in front of the Krusty Krab, and the pressure from his plugged up holes becomes too much, causing a big sneeze that destroys the Krusty Krab. Sandy then takes SpongeBob to a real doctor, who prescribes the "sponge treatment," which is performed by a live human hand named Hans. This involves being rinsed with soap and used to scrub various objects and people. The treatment cures SpongeBob completely, and he even receives a lollipop. SpongeBob claims that he loves the doctor.

Wanting a lollipop, Patrick claims that he has the suds too while blowing a bubble. The doctor claims that he had a "special" treatment for Patrick. Hans then came and put soap on Patrick, and used him to clean a cactus, and even a toilet. The episode ends with Patrick saying. "Hey, this doesn't seem right!".