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008b - Squeaky Boots

For Pearl's birthday, Mr. Krabs selfishly gives her a pair of black fishing boots that only cost $2. After Pearl doesn't accept the gift. Mr. Krabs, wanting to get rid of them, tells SpongeBob that the boots are special, and that they were only worn by the best official fry cooks in the world. SpongeBob, excitedly, exchanges his paycheck for them, and starts wearing them all day and night. The squeaking annoys Squidward so much that he goes on vacation, and Mr. Krabs has to fill in for him. After a sleepless night because of a squeaking window, Mr. Krabs can't stand the squeak of SpongeBob's boots anymore. At his wit's end, he steals the boots and buries them underneath the Krusty Krab. However, SpongeBob comes in the next day crying because he couldn't find the boots. Mr. Krabs feels guilty and starts going crazy, believing that he hears nothing but the constant squeaking of the boots (all text he sees is even replaced by the word "squeak"). Finally, he snaps and confesses that he stole the boots and hid them under the floor. He unburies the boots, shrinks them and eats them in a bout of insanity, which eventually calms Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob down. He thinks he finally has peace and quiet and goes on vacation with Pearl, until he hiccups, making the boots (inside his body) squeak.

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