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The fate of Total Drama

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    [1]Jan 18, 2016
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    Hey TV.com users, I hope you are all having a great New Years so far.

    Since RR's first season has finished airing, and the fate of Total Drama has been up in the air since 2014, I am sure a lot of people in the fandom are having thoughts and questions in their mind about it as well. Well, it is currently airing in Canada, but it will be complete by February 15th.

    There has been a lot of chatter about the future of the series. Even though it is a Canadian show, it has become abundantly clear that Cartoon Network calls the shots, and according to my fellow Americans, they treat the show like CRAP.

    Sure, the producers want the show to last 10 seasons, but almost a decade later, is that going to be a viable possibility? The fandom thinks it's kinda odd, because when a season is airing, we at least know whether another season is in production, or some information about the future of the show.

    They knew about TDA right after TDI, ended, they also knew about TDWT soon after Action aired, and they knew about ROTI when World Tour aired. Even though things were mum when Revenge aired, they knew about a 5th season a few months after it ended, and All-Stars/Pahkitew speaks for itself.

    And now with the addition of the spinoff, the production schedules of Total Drama would be pushed back significantly. So my overall question is.... What do you all think about the state of the show?

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    I think they should forget what Cartoon Network think of the show and continue to produce it for Amazon Prime or Netflix.
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