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Make Your Own TDI Ending (Not for Owen fans)

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    PrincessOfLove5 wrote:

    All right, everybody! So most of you were probably dissapointed when your favorite camper didn't win. So I'm making a thread that allows you to create your own TDI ending! Make sure to mention who's in your final two, and try as hard as you can not to make the ending TOO long.

    Since many people wanted Gwen to win, I'll do that ending:

    "Hot brownies coming through!" Izzy carried a plate of brownies as her plot to help her boyfriend win.

    As soon as he smelled them, Owen sped off like a rocket. "Mooooooooooooooove!"

    Trent gasped. "Gwen! Look out!"

    Gwen looked behind her to see Owen quickly catching up. He ran into her and continued sprinted passed the finish line. Owen fell on top of Izzy, who had dropped the brownies, and Gwen.

    "So that's it. Owen won." Gwen said sadly. Trent took her hand to help her up.

    "Not quite," Chris said. "You stayed attached to the big guy until he crossed the finish line. So, technically, you won."


    "WHAT!?" everyone but Gwen, Trent, Leshawna, Eva, and Cody yelled.

    And then there's the final marshmallow ceremony. If you're one of Gwen's supporters, you can make one where she wins also. There's doesn't have to be only one ending for each character.

    Have fun!

    Yeah i think that wouldve been the PERFECT ending for TDI. As for now i cant think of anything atm, but im thinking of gwen vs heather, duncan vs courtny, gwen vs trent, leshawna vs eva and/or a cody vs lindsey (completely randomize lindsey, i LITERALLY pulled her name outa a hat) ones so expect to be hearing from me alot. Hmmm maybe a katie vs saddie one would be cool too...
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    Duncan vs. Courtney:

    Duncan supporters: Gwen, Trent, DJ basically everyone except a few

    Courtney supporters: Heather, Harold, Lindsey, Katie+Saddie, Noah.

    Same challenges, after walking across the board with the eggs Courtney is in the lead, but trips on a tree root when shes taunting duncan. Duncan catches up to her now its a neck and neck race to the finish line. Chef brings out some cookies to give to the winner causing owen to go chasing after chef. In the mean time Gwen goes to sabatage courtney, Trent is following Gwen to try to win her back, Heather goes to sabatoge gwen, izzy goes to find owen, harold goes to sabatoge duncan. Now here's where it gets complicated: Harold sets up a net to capture duncan in and it was a success. However, gwen was setting up a trip rope which she was going to cut with a knife. Heather earlier saw the knife and put butter on it so it will slip out of her hands. Izzy is chasing Owen who is chasing Chef, who bumps into heather who pushes into Trent who was spying on Gwen from behind a nearby tree. Trent falls onto the ground causing Chef to trip and toss the cookies up a tree which owen proceeds to climb. Izzy still chasing after owen bumps into Gwen who trips on her own trip rope causing her knife to fly out of her hands and cut the net duncan is traped in freeing him. While Courtney is far in the lead she runs near the tree that owen is sitting on eating cookies. Owen breaks the branch he is sitting on and falls onto Courtney. Owen passes out so he cant move. Duncan then continues to run across the finish line an win!!!

    However, due to Duncan's past deeds, he was forced to use the money to pay off bail, his paroll officer and many other things. This lead into Chris giving away in chance for the TDDDDDDI 1 mil in a reunion special which lead into TDA. Also Trent and Gwen get back together in the mean time, didnt really figure out how to work that into the chain reaction.

    Edited on 11/28/2009 1:00pm
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    Gwen vs. DJ

    Gwen and DJ have to face the same original chalenges. As the challenges start Cody is using the outhouse. when hes done he walks put when Gwen is on the planks. To help his love Cody runs through the wood as a short cut, but runs into the bear. Meanwhile because its so hot they have fans at the bleachers, so Owen falls asleep. As Gwen and DJ race to the finish line, Owen farts and his gas is carried by the fans to Gwen and DJ,hence they are knocked out by the smell. Then cody crashes from the forest being chased by the bear and crosses the finish line. With Cody bieng the only one to cross the finish line, CODY WINS! YEAH!!
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    alright so cody never gets mauled by a bear and makes it through to the final 2 with owen so there in the last run of the last challenge so izzy gets the brownies and owen is running for it but cody remebers how gwen lost in triple dog dare you and gains a big burst of speed and wins
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    So The Final 2 Should Have Been Gwen And Trent

    TrentAlmost Gets The The Finish Line.

    Gwen Finds A Short Cut.

    Trent Dosnt Know She Finds A Shortcut.

    TheGwen And Trent Are Both Almost Gonna Make A Tie.

    GwenBumps Into Heather.

    Trent Helps Gwen Up.

    Then Trent Grabs Gwen To The Finish Line With Him.

    Trent And Gwen Pass The Finish Line.

    Gwen Wins. Because While Trent Carried Gwen. Gwens Legs Where Sticking Out.

    And Gwen Gets 1,million Dollars. Like The Norway One.

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    TDI Finale: Lindsay VS Harold

    Lindsay supporters: DJ, OWen, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Duncan, Courtney, Justin, Bridgette & Geoff, Tyler, Izzy
    Harold supporters: Heather, Gwen, LeShawna, Zeke, Eva, Cody, Noah, Trent.

    So, the challeges are the same. First, Harold climbs the pole rather fast thanks to his MAD SKILLZ, and Lindsay struggles to to, but she makes it, while Harold gets to the bridge. There, Harold manages to mantain his balance, while Liindsay surprisingly does it, as it is as easy as walking on a runway. So they are tied for 1st place, when Heather grabs Justin to distract Lindsay, but she stays focused as she is loyal to Tyler. At the finsh line, Tyler devuices a way to make Linds win, and asks someone for lipgloss. Bridgette gives him hers and he shouts to Lindsay that if she wins, he'll give her the lipgloss. Lindsay runs way faster and wins and kisses Tyler, YAY! LeShawna goes to HArold and congratulates him sayign he played very well, kisses him and they get together. Meanwhile Izzy steals Chris wig and runsaway, making Chris mad, and everyone laughs, and the season ends.

    An alterante ending would be the same but LeShawna saying sth like: Harold, win for us! making Harold over-confident and winning. and there wouldn't be any TDA or TDWT as Lindsay would have spend it all shopping before Chris could maker her the offer, and Harold is way to smart to risk the money.
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    ((I think the Final two shouldve been Cody and Duncan))

    *They do all the challenges and are on the run to the finish line*

    Cody: For Gwen!

    Duncan: She's mine Pipsqueak!

    *He trips cody*

    Cody: Good luck! And watch out!

    *Duncan turns around listening to Cody and doesnt notice Chef and Sasquatchanoqua are riding on the fourwheeler and run him over*

    Cody: Come on, For Gwen!

    *He stands up and runs for the finish Line with Gwen waiting there with open arms*

    Cody: Yes! I did it... I did it!

    Gwen: And this is your prize!

    *They kiss passionately*

    **MEANWHILE** Sierra: Shes Dead!

    **BACK TO CAMP**

    Chris: Cody! You dodged everything that tried to kill you, Duncan, and the camp food, what are you going to do with the one million bucks!?

    Cody: The biggest party with Gwen as my Date!

    Gwen: You know it!

    *THey Kiss again*
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    (Sounds good; I'm just putting stuff out)

    Ezekial Vs. Eva (Note: this is really Non-Canon so just go with it)

    Ezekial supporters: Owen, Tyler, Heather, Harold, Leshawna and Geoff
    Eva supporters: Gwen, Noah, Beth, DJ, Courtney, Izzy, Bridgette and Cody
    Undecided voters: Trent, Lindsay, Duncan, Katie, Sadie and Justin

    Chris: Looks like we have some undecided losers.

    *Eva glares at them*


    Trent: I don't know who to choose. But I should just follow my Heart.

    Lindsay: Tyler's on Zeke's side so I should go there, but he said some un-nice things on the Show.

    Duncan: I don't care who wins, as long as it's epic.

    Katie: (along with Sadie) It's so hard to choose.

    Sadie: (along with Katie) So hard.

    Katie: Ezekial's so mean.

    Sadie: And Eva's so scary.

    Justin: Maybe I should pick Eva.


    Chris: Has the Losers decided before Eva pounces?

    * Trent, Duncan, Katie, Sadie and Justingoes to Eva's side; Lindsay goes Ezekial's side*

    Eva: Smart choice. Can't say about the others.

    Chris: Okay. Before we get the challenge started, I want to know what would the winner would do with the money?

    Eva: I would spend it on a Gym... for Women.

    Chris: Weird, but interesting. Ezekial.

    Ezekial: Uh... I don't know, eh.

    Chris: Nice speech there. Alright, now you two must wear the Cow and Chicken hats throughout the rest of the challenge. As you 2 run up the flagpole, grab the flag at top, go throught a ravine on a plank with a giant egg, return it to the nest on the otherside and rush to the finish line with a giant rock. Easy.

    Chef: Define easy.

    *Ezekial grabs a Chicken hat from Chef*

    Ezekial: You poor baby chick.

    Eva: I'm not wearing that.

    Chris: Don't, and you'll probability get kicked off instantly.

    Eva:... Sh!t. *Eva puts on the cow hat*

    Chris: Ready, set, GO!

    *Ezekaial and Eva run up the flagpole. Eva gets to the top easy while Ezekail stuggles*

    Ezekial: This is hard, Eh.

    Eva: Not to me, farm boy.

    *Eva's in the lead*

    Ezekial: Aw man.

    *Ezekial grabs the flag but plummets to the floor*

    Ezekial: Ow! Dude, this Sucks.

    *Ezekial gets up and follows Eva; Eva grabs an Egg and walks on the plank*

    Ezekial: Woah... I can't cross that, eh. *He grabs his egg*

    *Eva's halfway over the plank but 2 prehistoric birds attack her, she punch the two bird and cross; Ezekial crosses too*

    Eva: You're useless. *She holds up her rock*

    Ezekial: I got to the Final 2, didn't I, eh? *He gets his rock*

    Eva: You're gonna regret that when I'm done with you.

    *She punch Ezekial in the groin*

    Ezekial: OOOOOOOOOHHH, Eh!

    *He drops to the floor*

    Eva: Ha! He never had a chance.

    Owen: Come on, Ezekial!

    Tyler: You can't lose to her, dude. She's a girl.

    All Females: WHAT!?

    Tyler: Uh oh.

    *He runs away as they chase him*

    Harold: You can own this game, Zeke.

    Geoff: Yeah, dude. Get up and win... First, walk that off.

    *The girls tie up Tyler and put him down the ravine tied to a rock; Sharks try to jump up and bite him*

    Tyler: AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    *Lindsay saves Tyler by grabbing up the rope; The Shark snap his fins*

    Tyler: Lindsay, you save me.

    Lindsay: Yeah, I like you a lot, Tyler.

    Tyler: And you said my name.

    Lindsay: Of course. It's your name.

    *They both kiss; Suddenly, Chris spray them with a hose*

    Chris: Okay, enough of that. Back to the game.

    *Eva is halfway near the finish line; Cody,Noah and DJ are at the finish line*

    Cody: Go Eva!

    Noah: You can do it Eva!

    DJ: I'm always rooting for you, Eva!

    *All three of them glare at each other*

    Ezekial: I can't do it.

    *He falls to the ground*

    Eva: Yes.

    Harold: No!

    Bridgette: Come on, Ezekial. You can do it! I love you.

    Geoff: Say what!?

    Ezekial: Really?

    *Ezekial gets up throws the rock in the air, towards the finish line and run*

    Eva: You annoying pest.

    *Eva tries to punch Ezekial but he ducks and she falls to the ground; Ezekial crosses the finish line*

    Ezekial: Yes!

    Bridgette: Ezekial, you did it.

    Chris: Not exactly. He doesn't have his...

    *Ezekial catches his rock*

    Chris:... Rock. Okay then.

    *Everyone on Ezekial's side and Bridgette cheer; Bridgette kisses Ezekial*

    Eva: What! Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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