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How the Total Drama episodes could have been better

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    Total Drama Island:
    1. Not So Happy Campers Part 1
    Chris introduces the series, and everyone arrives. The same events happen here that happened in the show. It is literally only an episode to introduce things. Lindsay and Tyler are attracted to one another, Duncan is annoyed at Harold, Gwen and Heather start bumpy, Geoff is attracted to Bridgette. LeShawna and Harold almost fight upon meeting one another, but he blushes afterwards. Katie and Sadie are on different teams.

    2. Not So Happy Campers Part 2
    Pretty much the same events. Courtney is trying to be a leader, but failing, Ezekiel is
    annoying his team, Katie and Sadie are saddened about being on different teams,
    and begs Chris to let Katie switch with Izzy, which he lets. LeShawna and
    Heather argue, Noah and Justin argue, Eva gets sassy with her team (especially
    Courtney), and.......same events. Nothing really to add here.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers. They worked well together, while the Killer Bass struggle to work together. They all celebrate in the hot tub, and Owen is desperately trying to befriend everyone, only befriending Izzy and Noah.

    Bottom 2: Courtney and Ezekiel (same as show). Duncan tried to rally everyone into voting Courtney off, angering her and muttering that Duncan is under her hit list.

    Eliminated: Ezekiel. He made a bunch of offensive remarks, and was a clear annoyance during the entire challenge. There was nothing else to do with Ezekiel and him being the first eliminated is important for his future appearances.

    3. The Big Sleep
    Eva was cranky from a bad sleep, and her anger issues are scaring everyone. Heather forms an alliance with Lindsay and Beth, and tells the former to not go out with Tyler. LeShawna and Harold taunt one another during the challenge, DJ, Geoff and Duncan eventually prank Harold, Owen and Izzy are the first to sleep after running off, Gwen and Trent talk during the challenge, and Geoff talks with Bridgette. Most of the same things happen in this episode.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers. Gwen was the last one to fall asleep.

    Bottom 2: Eva and Tyler. Eva lost it after her MP3 was stolen, for Heather to return what she stole, and Tyler was flirting with Lindsay (on another team), which worried the team.

    Eliminated: Eva. (Same as show). She goes crazy when she is eliminated, throws things at her team, and threatens them that she will be back.

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    4. Dodgebrawl

    Noah refuses to do the challenge, everyone is fed up with the budding relationship with Lindsay and Tyler, everyone tells Owen that he is not old enough for the challenge (because he is fat), which depresses him, and is cheered up by Trent and Izzy. Cody wants to make a move on Gwen, and has his shot when he sacrifices himself to take a dodgeball hit for her. LeShawna continued to taunt Harold during the challenge, and Sadie felt bad that she sucked in the challenge and that Katie received all of the glory and the praise.

    Winners: Killer Bass (same as show). Duncan helped the team, and Harold defeated Owen, making the latter cry.

    Bottom 2: Noah and Lindsay (same as show). He got votes for being no help, and she got votes for her lack of focus, and her relationship with Tyler.

    Eliminated: Noah. His refusal to help in the challenge and disrespect to his team annoyed everyone.

    5. Not Quite Famous

    Trent and Gwen's flirting is noticeable to everyone, especially Heather and Cody, and Cody tries his best to get Trent out of the way, and to flirt with Gwen.

    Lindsay and Tyler cannot ignore their attraction for one another, and officially start an affair with one another. Katie and Sadie start to become a bit strained, and Owen and Izzy start to like one another after her Rattlesnake dance. Beth dawns over Justin.

    Winner: Killer Bass. Despite Bridgette throwing up, and DJ's failed ribbon dance, Harold won the team for his ribbon dance, with Leshawna being the most impressed. Pretty much the same thing happens in this episode.

    Bottom 2: Justin and Heather (same as show, and they were in the performance for the challenge, so they had to be on the chopping block. Heather read Gwen's diary, pissing everyone off).

    Eliminated: Justin. Heather convinced the others to vote him off, which caused him to get mad, and demands that he WILL get famous from the show. He is fodder and needed to go for this season.

    6. The Sucky Outdoors

    When Katie and Sadie get lost, they start having MANY arguments, with both of them saying some massive insults to one another. Cody tries to comfort Gwen for the last episode's events, but it only made things get worse, and when he asks for her bra, she loses it on him. Courtney and Duncan start to argue about survival techniques, but end up cuddling with one another. His friend Geoff tries to flirt with Bridgette, but he ends up cuddling with her as well. Owen and Izzy bond by pranking the team, and Beth learns of Lindsay's relationship, but tells her she won't tell anyone. The Gophers grow to hate Owen and Izzy during the challenge.

    Winners: Killer Bass. When it looked like they would lose thanks to Katie and Sadie, they show up right before the Screaming Gophers came. Katie and Sadie are still mad at one another, shocking everyone at camp. I needed their plot to be extended a bit more. DJ found a bunny for a pet.

    Bottom 2: Izzy and Cody. Izzy psyched them out with a bear, and helped caused their camp to get broken, while Cody slowed them down when they were running back, and was constantly pestering everyone about Gwen, also being useless.

    Eliminated: Cody. He was never really of help, everyone was being creeped out with his obsession over Gwen, and him demanding that his peed pants are changed as they were going back caused them to lose the challenge. He is sad, but takes his elimination well. Katie and Sadie had a stronger storyline, while Cody had nothing going for him, so I tossed him earlier than Katie.

    7. Phobia Factor

    Everyone reveals their fears at the campfire after the elimination (Katie's fear is seeing Sadie ditch her for someone else). Sadie and Lindsay have the same fear, and they bond, which makes Katie a lot more worried and angry than she was beforehand. Trent tries to help Gwen in the challenge, but she grows to be mad at him when he leaves her buried. Duncan and Courtney are friendlier to one another, as thy encourage one another to face their fears for the challenge. Heather forces Beth to cause a drift between Lindsay and Tyler, and to get him to lose the challenge, so his team can vote him off, which Beth refuses at first, but ultimately gives in. Owen and Izzy grow closer, as they have the same fear and are stuck together for the challenge.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers. They had more points. Tyler was offered a deal that if he completed his challenge, he will get enough pouts to win for his team, but he failed, disappointing every one and himself.

    Bottom 2: Katie and Tyler. Katie has complained for the past 3 episodes about her issues with Sadie, and failed to be away from her, where she got into an argument with her, and told Lindsay to back off her BFFFL. Beg managed to make Tyler's challenge harder, and he failed.

    Eliminated: Katie. She has proven to be extremely annoying, clingy, and jealous, and it was annoying the team, and they surprisingly saw Tyler as more useful. Her and Sadie hug and make up at the ceremony, and that there is no one that is a better friend than the other and all of that cheesy stuff, and Sadie balls her eyes out, as Katie is forced to leave.

    8. Up The Creek: Gwen is mad at Trent for the last challenge, and she is stuck partnering with Leshwana for the challenge (who has been receiving some letters). LeShawna tries for the entire episode to hook them back up. Owen and Izzy's craziness, unpredictability, and irrational behavior is annoying the team, and proves to not be of help in the challenge. Beth tells Lindsay to follow love, and she will help her engage in a secret relationship with Tyler. Geoff struggles to impress Bridgette during the challenge, and when he is not stressing over that, him, Duncan, and DJ are picking on Harold. Sadie is resentful of her team for booting Katie, and she realizes that her and Harold are the underdogs on their team.

    Winners: Killer Bass. The same way they won on the show. DJ swam all of the boats to the surface, where Owen and Izzy took the Gophers on the wrong route to reach back to Wawanakwa.

    Bottom 2: Owen and Izzy. Explained above, and because they have not been of use, and have been annoying for a while now. Both are sad that soon, one is leaving.

    Eliminated: Izzy. The RCMP shows up, ready to arrest her, but she runs off. Lindsay runs off to have a date with Tyler, and Beth covers for her, making Heather annoyed. Owen and Izzy needed more buildup in their friendship/relationship before they randomly hooked up later in the season.

    9. Paintball Deer Hunter

    Things get overly tense with Beth and Heather, when Heather tries to use Beth's insecurity about her looks to do something for her. Harold, Sadie, and Tyler realizes that they are the outsiders on their team, and they need to stick together, or else their teammates will pick them off, and the three of them are hunters (with

    Geoff being a deer). Bridgette struggles to be a hunter for the challenge, because of her beliefs, and refuses to shoot anyone, instead, sticking with Geoff. Gwen and Trent literally walked around the entire challenge, and gets annoyed with Owen complaining about Izzy being eliminated, and him throwing pee on himself. Courtney and Duncan end up stuck together for the challenge, and he keeps pestering her to succumb to her attraction to him, only for her to kick him and complain.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers. Bridgette refused to shoot the gun, causing them to lose out on many points. Beth decided to not help Heather with getting more chips, causing Heather to throw some nasty insults, and says that she knows that her and Lindsay are telling the Basses secrets by them always being around Lindsay. Lindsay refused to stand up for her relationship with Tyler, and lets Beth take the entire argument. LeShawna accidentally shoots Heather, and she ends up in an argument with her as well.

    Bottom 2: Bridgette and Tyler. Bridgette for not shooting in the challenge, and for Tyler apparently telling the beans to Lindsay about the team (Heather told everyone).

    Eliminated: Tyler. He got the boot because the above, and because the big 5 (Bridgette, Courtney, Geoff, DJ, and Duncan) decide to get rid of Tyler, with Bridgette being more useful. Tyler expects Lindsay to show up on the Dock of Shame, but is saddened when she does not. His relationship with her deserved a few more episodes, and to be handled a bit better before he was eliminated.

    10. If You Can't Take the Heat

    Heather gets on her entire team's nerves, causing several arguments amongst the team, which results her being locked in the freezer. Harold is being continued to be picked on by Duncan, Geoff and DJ for leaving his stuff on the entire camp. Sadie feels bad for Harold, and feels like she is snubbed by the entire team. Trent gets hurt and is taken out of the challenge, and Owen screws up the challenge for them. DJ helps Geoff hook up with Bridgette, and Courtney and Duncan argue, only to warm up to one another.

    Winners: Killer Bass. Geoff did well as a head Chef, and outside of the issues with Harold, they completed the challenge with ease. Heather was also a horrible head chef to her team, and Owen ate an entire part of the food.

    Bottom 2: Beth and Heather. Heather was a horrible leader, was not caring to other's health issues, and was a pain in the ass to deal with, while they found out that Beth took a tiki idol from Boney Island 2 episodes ago.

    Eliminated: Beth. The reason above. She is sad that no one told her about the rules about Boney Island, and is saddened that they are keeping the poison on the team. She is the most disappointed in Lindsay.

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    11. Who Can You Trust?

    Heather decides to take another shot at Gwen, and the Gophers are determined to gain back their winning streak. Lindsay performs poorly in the challenge, as she is

    sad about her boyfriend and best friend leaving back to back, poisoning Trent.

    LeShawna and Gwen become closer as they compete the challenge. There is a

    definite tension between the Killer Bass, with everyone else vs Sadie and


    Winners: Screamimg Gophers. Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, and Owen won the challenge for their team when they did their challenges. Bridgette and Geoff bonded, and Geoff's friendship with DJ is strained when he is too focused on Bridgette, causing his rabbit to be killed.

    Bottom 2: Sadie and DJ. The former lost a part of the challenge, and continuously hit Courtney with apples after the challenge ended. The latter took off his blindfolds at the final challenge, as Duncan gives him a rabbit, causing them to lose.

    Eliminated: Sadie. Her and Harold voted for DJ, and though all of the Bass knew that DJ's loss is a bigger one, they decided to get rid of Sadie, because she is not in the group. She tells them they suck, and runs to Katie when she is on the Boat of Losers; finally reunited.

    12. Basic Straining

    The trio of Duncan, Geoff, and DJ continue to pick on Harold, which annoys him, but caused Leshawna to surprisingly stick up for him, starting to grow fond of him. Duncan and Courtney spend the evening together and officially hook up, after stealing a bunch of Chef's food. This episode is VERY Bass focused, and the Gophers did little to nothing of significance in this episode, so it was very challenging to add anything, especially when the main plot of the episode was Duncney hooking up, and Harold being picked on.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers. Owen and Gwen were the last

    ones on the team, and the Gophers are shocked at the 2 useless ones in the

    beginning are becoming powerhouses.

    Bottom 2: Harold and Courtney. Harold for being a loser, and for no one liking him on the team, and Courtney for being overly mean to Tyler and Sadie during the episodes they left on.

    Eliminated: Courtney, for the same reason as the show. Harold rigged the votes for revenge for her picking on his friends who left, and to get revenge on Duncan for licking on him. Courtney and Duncan are outraged, but Chef and Chris continues to drag and throw her out the competition. The reasons Courtney is eliminated is because it has a huge impact on her behavior in successive seasons.

    13. X-Treme Torture

    As Gwent and Gidgette are at their peaks, they find a love letter, causing the two to

    focus on whose it is. LeShawna, Trent and Gwen form an alliance to get rid of Heather ASAP. It is revealed that Harold is in like with Leshawna, and they end up hooking up. Honestly, nothing much really happened in the real episode.

    Winners: Screaming Gophers. Lindsay won the final challenge for their team.

    Bottom 2: Harold and DJ. Harold lost the challenge for the team, and is an outsider. DJ is a huge threat, and it would be logical to oust him before the merge.

    Eliminated: DJ. Harold somehow managed to convince Duncan and Bridgette that he is no threat, and that DJ will beat them if they take him to the merge. Thinking that his campaign did not work, Harold was walking to the Dock of Shame before Chris said who was eliminated, and hooked up with Leshawna before Chris cut them off and revealed that DJ is eliminated, blindsiding DJ and Geoff. He almost never has a significant storyline, and TDI is the BIGGEST example of that. He drifted TOO long in the real version.

    14. Brunch of Disgustingness

    Geoff and Bridgette are saddened that their team is very and that she has to move onto the girls side. She becomes good friends with Leshawna and Gwen, who were arguing with Heather (who is trying to get Bridgette as an ally). They all think Heather is jealous because she is the only girl without a lover, and that her time is limited. The guys have some drama as well, with Geoff being mad about DJ's elimination. Harold and Trent befriend one another, and both are lovestruck over their partners.

    Winners: Owen. He drank and ate the most disgusting

    food out of everyone in the challenge. He chose all of the guys to go on the

    boat trip with him.

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    15. No Pain, No Game
    Beth and Izzy return to the competition, shocking and angering many people. Heather is extremely scared when Beth is back in the picture, as she allies with Leshawna, Bridgette, and Gwen quickly, and Owen and Izzy pick off where they left off. Harold and Leshawna are getting used to dating, and it is sweet and awkward at
    the same time. Izzy joins Heather's alliance, and the two sides of the girls
    are battling it out for immunity.

    Winners: Leshawna. She was the last one in the challenge.

    Bottom 2: Heather and Harold. Most of the girls want her gone, and most of the guys want him gone, as they did for a while now.

    Eliminated: Harold. The guys and Heather's alliance decided to vote out Harold because he is a wildcard, and are fearful of him completely joining the other side of the cast for an alliance.

    16. Search and Do Not Destroy
    Beth is trying to speak to Lindsay privately, but Heather always stops them. She does eventually tell her that Heather is a user, and that she is a bad person. Nonetheless, Heather and Lindsay decide to break up Gwen and Trent by having Heather kiss Trent and tells him that Gwen hates him, which she sees, causing
    the couple to hate one another, after they kissed earlier in the challenge.
    LeShawna quickly tells everyone what Gwen told her about Trent's cheating,
    intending to get rid of Heather.

    Winners: Heather. She managed to get the immunity from her treasure chest.

    Bottom 2: Owen and Trent. Owen only got a vote from Trent.

    Eliminated: Trent. Everyone was under the impression that he was a player and a cheater, falling for Heather's plan. Him and Gwen are saddened and confused.

    17. Hide and Be Sneaky
    Duncan creates a guys alliance with Geoff and Owen, but realizes that they need
    another vote, as they know that the girls are split into two. Bridgette and Geoff's relationship continues to grow, and it causes Duncan to worry a lot, and causes his alliance to target her. Gwen is sad about Trent's elimination, and both console one another, about their boyfriends being the last 2 to leave. After Heather continues to treat Lindsay like crap, she vents to Beth, and Beth helps her realize that Heather is only using her, and that she needs to eliminate her.

    Winners: Heather and Leshawna. The same reason as show, with Leshawna making it to the safe spot, and for Heather catching someone.

    Bottom 2: Beth and Bridgette. The guys alliance managed to get Izzy to vote with them to get Bridgette, as she is a threat, but they thought Geoff would vote Bridgette off. Heather backs out of the guys deal, and manages to target Beth, with Geoff and a few others following ship, as she is threatened by Beth, and still think she has the curse.

    Eliminated: Beth. It is revealed that Geoff, Lindsay, Heather, and Gwen voting her off, with the latter thinking she is cursed, and did not want anyone else to go at the moment, Geoff and Heather backing out of targeting Bridgette, and Lindsay was forced to by Heather. Lindsay apologizes, with Beth telling her she will find out for herself. Duncan and Owen are mad at Geoff for not voting off Bridgette.

    18. That's Off the Chain
    Bridgette catches Geoff sleeping on a tree, as he was tied to it, and she apologizes for this happening, but he is glad he chose to keep her, and they kiss. Owen and Izzy reveal that they do have a crush on one another. Lindsay is eventually pushed to the limit by Heather, as she did the entire challenge for her. Leshawna and Izzy are taken away from the challenge.

    Winners: Heather (the same reason as show)

    Eliminated: Lindsay. Because of the technicality of being the last one to cross, she tried to explain that she built Heather's bike, and realizes that Beth was right about Heather only using her, and she curses her off.

    19. Hook, Line, and Screamer
    The burning passion between Owen and Izzy is at its peak, as him and Izzy officially hook up, and go to make out, but the relationship is strained by Owen sacrificing
    her to the killer. Bridgette and Geoff are as thick as thieves in the challenge, and they cling to one another in fear of the "killer" on the loose. Heather and Leshawna are the first to get captured, and Gwen and Duncan work together, and bond a lot during the challenge.

    Winners: Gwen and Duncan. Since both are horror fans, they did well together during the challenge, and took out the "killer".

    Eliminated: Bridgette. After Geoff leaves her thinking that there is an ice cream trunk, she is left in the woods, and screams and runs around, and her handling the scenario the worst, she is automatically eliminated. She wishes everyone luck.

    20. Wawanakwa Gone Wild
    Izzy and Owen's relationship are still strained, Geoff is really sad about Bridgette's
    elimination, and Duncan tries to weirdly console him, though he could care less.
    Gwen and Leshawna decide to work together, and to make sure that Heather will
    not reach immunity. The alliance with Izzy and Heather go awry, when Izzy takes
    the challenge too far, and accidentally shoots Heather with a tranquilizer (as
    well as shooting the entire camp).

    Winners: Owen. He took the hunting really seriously, as he feels like he is in nature with the challenge, while everyone else had struggle.

    Bottom 2: Heather and Izzy. Heather is a pain in the ass to everyone, and is a huge target, while Izzy's unpredictability is very dangerous to the camp, and she is too much to deal with.

    Eliminated: Izzy. Owen tries to kiss her, but Chef forces her onto the Boat of Losers, and she shoots Chef with the tranquilizer that she still has. She tells Owen that she will see him later.

    21. Trial by Tri-Armed Trialthalon
    Owen and Izzy, Gwen and Geoff, and Duncan and Leshawna are forced to work with one another in pairs for the challenge, and there is major tension with all of
    them, as Heather makes fun of Izzy, Gwen is annoyed with Geoff at first, only
    for them to bond, and for Duncan and Leshawna flat out fighting physically.

    Winners: Geoff and Gwen. By the end of the challenge, they were the only ones to get along, and he taught her how to be a bit chill for once, making the challenge really easy for them.

    Bottom 2: Leshawna and Duncan. They are automatically on the bottom because they came in last in the challenge.

    Eliminated: Duncan. He got on many of the contestants nerves, and they know that if they do not eliminate him now, he will end up winning. Him and Geoff mend fences, and Duncan is happy about being eliminated. Duncan is eliminated a bit earlier because he is a finalist in TDA, and it is ridiculous for him to make it almost the entire length for 2 seasons straight.

    22. Haute Camp-ture
    The eliminated contestants speak about the final 5, and they all say how the hate
    Heather, how Geoff, Leshawna, and Owen are cool, and Gwen is a bit of a mixed
    bag. All of the eliminated couples continue as is, and they have to decide who
    to eliminate.

    Eliminated: Leshawna. They all said her name, which Chris took as them wanting to eliminate her, though many say that they are not eliminating her. Leshawna is completely shocked when she reaches Playa de Losers.
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    23. Camp Castaways: The final 4 end up somewhat bonding, as both of them are stranded. Owen goes completely crazy, Geoff goes hunter mode, Heather whines like a brat, and Gwen tries to escape. They tell one another a bunch of secrets, and they are happy when they are escaped. Nothing much happened in this episode either way.

    24. Are We There Yeti
    It is the battle of the Genders that end up working together, but Geoff and Owen end up partying and chilling to make it back to camp on time, while Heather and Gwen constantly argue. When the two groups come together, they all panic, and try to sabotage one another.

    Winners: Heather and Gwen. Owen and Geoff stayed up too late, sleeping in, causing the girls to win the challenge.

    Bottom 2: Owen and Geoff. There is no one else to be in the bottom 2, so they are there.

    Eliminated: Geoff. The girls decided to vote him off because he is more physically and mentally capable than Owen is, and is harder to beat, and is a lot nicer, which is a disadvantage to them. He does not take it personally, and is thrilled to be back with his buddies and girl.

    25. I Triple Dog Dare You
    The final 3 are thrilled to make it that far, and are so close to winning the season. Gwen and Owen gang up on Heather, as they make a deal to the final 2, as they get to pass on the dares from the many freebies Owen won, and they are thrilled with Heather's anguish.

    Eliminated: Heather (same as show). She kicks the razor away from her, refusing the dare but ends up bald anyways.

    26. The Very Last Episode, Really
    All of the 22 cast members return for the finale, and we get a catch up on everyone. All of the couples are fine, and everyone are trying to help the people that they
    want to win (though many wanted Owen to win instead of Gwen because she is not
    throwing a party, while he is). Trent supports her, and they officially go steady, with Owen trying to make it, with his friends cheering him up about being the underdog who defeated all of the odds, with his weight, and working hard, and all of that, with him truly realizing that he accomplished a lot win the island.

    Eliminated: Gwen. She lost the challenge when Trent asked her to go steady and to go to Owen's party with her, and was too distracted about Owen's win when she kissed Trent.

    Winner: Owen. He beat Gwen at the final race, and cheers when he realized that he won. He noticed that he lost a lot of weight, and worked hard this season, kissing Izzy in happiness. He starts a party latertonight.
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    Total Drama Action:

    28 (1)Monster Cash
    The 14 contestants make it to the studio, all pumped and ready for another season of Total Drama. Owen and Izzy are in a better place than they were in Hook Line and Sinker, but are still not together (friends with benefits). Gwen and Duncan are starting to make laughs with one another, and she is good with her boyfriend Trent (who does not really get along with Duncan). Everyone hates Heather, and she tries to warm up to BFFs Beth and Lindsay into another alliance, but they refuse. They stick with Justin (who is determined to make a mark this season) in the challenge. Chef has plans for DJ, and is friendly to him. Geoff and Bridgette's sexual attraction has increased since his elimination in the previous season, and they cannot get their hands off one another and barely participates in the challenge.

    Winner: Owen (same as the show)

    29 (2) Alien Ressur-Eggtion
    Owen is suffering from eating foam in the last challenge, and Izzy's persona "Nurse Martha" is going to aid him. LeShawna needs space, so she works with Justin, Lindsay, and Beth in the challenge, causing Harold to work with Heather (which LeShawna was a bit jealous of). Chef forces DJ into an alliance (because he sees DJ in him, and is sick of the pay he is getting from the show), who reluctantly accepts because his 2 friends are too busy to hang with him. Gwen and Duncan bond, while Duncan makes digs to a jealous Trent. Everyone is annoyed by Bridgette and Geoff's making out and moans, and them only talking about their partners.

    Winner: Gwen and Trent (the same as the show).

    Bottom 3: Heather, Bridgette, and Geoff (The first one is universal hated, and the latter 2 are clearly dead weight and their intimacy is distracting and irritating).

    Eliminated: Geoff and Bridgette for the reason above. They are shocked that people like them less, but they will not change their relationship to satisfy others, and are glad that they have more time to themselves. They HAVE to go here. Who else is going to do the Aftermaths?

    30 (3) Riot on Set
    Things get tense between Gwen and Trent when they choose their teams, and his conflict with Duncan increases . Izzy and Owen decide to go out after Izzy took such good care of him in the last challenge, but she goes on and on with her personas. Harold and Heather form an alliance, and LeShawna confronts and threatens Heather to not bother Harold (who is happy that 2 hot girls are fighting over him). Lindsay is missing Tyler immensely, and grows closer with Beth as they talk about their men. Beth says it is going to be hard to be loyal with Justin around. Chef is forcing DJ to take charge in the challenge and starts training him, causing him to almost never be around.

    Winner: Screaming Gaffers (Same reason as in show)

    Bottom 2: Izzy and Justin (the former lost the challenge and was annoying everyone with her personas, and the latter did not do anything in the challenge and complained about "potentially harming his looks").

    Eliminated: Izzy (unchanged). Justin realizes that he needs to ally up and to do better as he almost went home early. She and Owen are sad that they split apart, but she promises she'll find a way to come back. Mark her words.

    31 (4) Beach Blanket Bogus
    Trent is getting very defensive and possessive of Gwen, that it is freaking her out, and Duncan is whispering a bunch of stuff in her ear about Trent. Trent knows he is going wild and prays to his grandfather and The Lord for help. Owen is sad about Izzy being gone, but Lindsay cheers him up, as they sympathize with their lover not being there. Harold has a conversation with LeShawna, and tries to get her and Heather to make amends. Gwen and LeShawna go to one another for advice, as Trent is starting to throw challenges for him, and Harold is bonding with Heather.

    Winner: Screaming Gaffers (Trent threw the last challenge, and Justin was too busy flirting with Beth and Lindsay. Chef also threw the first challenge so DJ could win that part, making him feel guilty).

    32 (5)3:10to Crazytown
    DJ feels extremely remorseful for his team winning via cheating, and Duncan realizes something is wrong with him. Heather tells Harold some negative things LeShawna told the girls, and he becomes confused about both girls motives. They end up stuck on an edge for the entire challenge, and somehow come up with the consensus to make amends. Trent is telling Gwen to not be friends with Duncan and he becomes extremely defensive, realizing Gwen may actually like Duncan, causing them to break up. Justin overhears that he threw the challenge, and uses it against Gwen and Trent. Beth and Lindsay start to comfort and get's impressed by Justin's body, which he uses to get them to do a majority of the challenge for him.

    Winners: Killer Grips. Trent tried to throw the challenge, but failed. Chef tried to sabotage the challenge, but was caught by Chris. Lindsay, Beth, and Owen carries the entire team to victory on both challenges.

    Bottom 2: Heather and LeShawna. Both managed to get 2 votes each for being irritating, and not contributing to the challenge.

    Eliminated: DJ. He decided to quit because he is tired of being pushed around by Chef, and feels like he is disappointing his mother and all of his morals. He reveals that he cooked all the food and wishes everyone luck. After he leaves, Chris reveals that it was a tie anyways.

    33 (6) TDA Aftermath I
    Geoff and Bridgette can barely get their hands off one another, but there is signs that Geoff is getting too carried away with this new job. They interview Izzy and ask why she made all of these personas, and she responds by saying that it helps her focus and then she rambles on and on and on. She also says that Chef got her team to lose because she refused an alliance with him. When DJ comes out, he said that Chef would beat him up if he did not do what he wanted, and feels really bad. He knows that he is at piece when he is not on the show.
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    34 (7) The Chefshank Redemption Trent is revealed to have written a bunch of songs since the season began, and continues to write and sing angrily about the breakup. The Grips are extremely irritated by Trent, and Justin reveals that he tried to throw the last 2 challenges. He is excessively flirting with Lindsay (who does not accept), and Beth (who reveals she has a boyfriend, but struggling to stay faithful). Harold and Duncan clash and argue during the entire challenge. Gwen realizes that she might have a crush on Duncan, and tries to lose this challenge to make up for the Grips losing the beach challenge. LeShawna is mad that Gwen smacked Harold with a shovel, which Duncan liked.

    Winner: Killer Grips (Gwen threw the challenge, and the Grips did decent enough, despite Trent continuing to try to throw the challenge).

    Bottom 2: Gwen and Harold (Gwen threw the challenge to some, Harold was a know-it-all, and an easy target to boot).

    Eliminated Gwen. Heather voted for her for throwing the challenge, Harold and LeShawna (sadly) voted for her because they think she is losing her mind, with the whole Trent and Duncan thing. Gwen has no hard feelings, and wants to leave before Trent arrives. It would've been nice to have Trent be in the competition without her.

    35 ( One Flu Over the Cuckoos

    Trent is crying and having a breakdown, and Chris sends Justin to care for Trent while everyone else competes in the challenge. Harold feels bad for Trent and Heather and LeShawna are trying to be nice to one another (while making passive aggressive remarks). Duncan is irritated that neither Courtney, Gwen, nor DJ are in the competition, and bullies Harold for no reason. Everyone gets sick "the challenge", but Owen becomes useless anyways, while Beth and Lindsay try to see what is wrong, but gets sick themselves. Trent and Justin somewhat becomes friends. Izzy meets with Chris and tries to convince him to let her in the competition again, but he says she will, ONLY if she becomes his assistant for the challenge and help get the others "sick".

    Winner: Screaming Gaffers. While things were tense between the group (Duncan bullying Harold and LeShawna being annoyed by it), the two managed to win the challenge, and she is allowed to go to the spa with her cousin, because she fake cried).

    Eliminated: Trent. The other Grips beg Chris to take him home because he is not in a healthy condition to continue in the competition, as he was counting 9 a lot (according to Justin). Izzy joins the Grips. LeShawna is revoked from her spa trip this episode, because an elimination took place, it is technically not a reward challenge, causing her to complain.

    36 (9) The Sandwich Project

    LeShawna is complaining about the competition and some of the campers, with her and Harold struggling to create only a friendship. Heather is trying to create an alliance with Duncan again (which she suddenly being on decent terms with everyone, and the only one on the team to be so). Beth consistently starts talking about her boyfriend Brady (that no one believes in), and her growing crush on Justin. Justin is worried about Izzy being back in the game and blabbering about how he REALLY is, so to secure his allies, he tries to make a move on Lindsay, but she refuses every time, seeing a different side to him. Owen and Izzy are enjoying one another's company, and becomes distracted by one another the entire challenge, whether it is because of one of Izzy's adventures, or because they were too busy making out. Lindsay is trying to lead her team, but fails. LeShawna goes on her spa with her cousin and bad mouths everyone.

    Winner: Screaming Gaffers. Lindsay could not get her team in control, and the Gaffers worked better together.

    37 (10) Masters of Disasters

    Justin's looks are wearing off Lindsay, but increasing on Beth (who is fighting off the urge to kiss him). Not being distracted, Lindsay tries to lead her team again, and Izzy tells her about Justin (because they used to date). Owen and Izzy were up all night, so their performance is weak in the challenge, causing Owen to get hit with the jaw. Duncan, Harold, and LeShawna put one and one together that Heather is allying with everyone and telling one thing to the other. Justin kisses Beth, causing her to want to break up with Brady.

    Killer Grips: Beth, Lindsay, and Izzy all worked together to get out of the sinking ship. LeShawna accidentally revealed that she faked cried to win the doctor challenge.

    Bottom 2: LeShawna, and Heather (Everyone but Heather is mad that she lied, but Heather used this as a chance to get rid of her, but not all 3 voted for her. LeShawna and Harold voted for Heather because she is dead weight (LeShawna flirted with Harold to get him to vote Heather off like intended, but he is still mad at her).

    Eliminated: Heather. It was a tie, and their tiebreaker was to avoid getting hit by volcano rocks, and Heather lost. She says there is no hard feelings with her and LeShawna, and now she can finally get hair (forgot to mention that she lost her wig in Resuregg-tion), and they enjoyed one another. Heather needed to go at this point, as there was no reason for her to get as far as she did, and her semi-plot of everyone hating her did not mean she needed to last midway through the season.

    38 (11) Full Metal Drama

    Izzy tries to warn Lindsay and Beth about Justin (who ratted her out to the RCMP in TDI) about him being a snake, but Lindsay is too confused, and Beth is too lovestruck. Owen is recovering from his injury, and Justin realizes that he needs to change his tactics. Harold and Duncan still do not trust LeShawna or each other, and LeShawna gets extreme gas. LeShawna and Harold have a conversation about the competition and their friendship, as Duncan begins to miss Courtney. Also, Explosivo is revealed.

    Winner: Screaming Gaffers (same reason as in actual show). Chris reveals that he has something planned to stir the pot with the rest of the contestants. The Grips have to clean the entire studio for losing the challenge.

    39 (12) TDA Aftermath II

    Geoff is becoming crazier and crazier; meaning turning into a younger Chris. Gwen is asked about her breakup and does she like Duncan, which she avoids the question. She is bombarded by the hosts, and the entire audience and commentators. Trent comes out and reveals that he has a few mental issues that he should have worked out, and that it was crazy having an emotional breakdown on film. He apologizes to Gwen and wishes they could be friends. He reveals that he is starting a new band. Heather is asked about her failed alliance with Harold and her new friendship with LeShawna.

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    39 (13) Oceans Eight or Nine

    Owen is slowly getting better, and thanks Izzy for taking care of him. Izzy continues to be Explosivo to help with the challenge, which Justin wants to use to get them to lose and to get her eliminated, and warms up to Owen, which pisses Izzy off an leads to a confrontation. Duncan and Harold (who feels bad) leave LeShawna to go to the bank, where Courtney debuts and is put on the Screaming Gaffers. Her and Duncan almost immediately demean and attack Harold, with the couple needing to talk later. Owen gets extremely delusional, and almost eats his teammates, which everyone but Izzy worries about.

    Winner: Screaming Gaffers (while things were tense, Courtney and Duncan easily worked together and got the challenge done, with Harold contributing nothing. He later goes back to the vault to get LeShawna, who tells him he needs to make up to her and owes her for leaving her.

    Bottom 2: Owen and Justin. (The former for going crazy and good starved, and the latter for overall being lazy and a prick).

    Eliminated: Owen. Justin and Beth voted for Owen, and Lindsay and Izzy voted for Justin, with Owen trying to eat the voting device, leading to a tie. Chris automatically eliminates him because they had to spend a lot of production money for paying off his family to not sue the show, and for Owen's recovery. Him and Izzy make out before he leaves.

    40 (14) One Million Bucks B.C.

    Beth borrows Courtney's PDA to call Brady, which leads into an argument, and Courtney gets mad at Beth. Chris tells everyone about Courtney's special privileges. With Owen gone, Izzy is determined to expose Justin, and is going through production tapes to do so. Justin stirs the pot and causes tension with Beth and Lindsay, causing them to argue over minor things. Courtney is jealous of how Duncan treated Gwen, and they soon go back to their love hate relationship, where the Gaffers are clearly split by the couples. Harold and LeShawna have no choice but to bond and to stick together.

    Winner: Killer Grips (Lindsay easily won the first part of the challenge as the Gaffers were arguing. In the second part, only Courtney beat the pathetic Justin, who willingly hopped in the mud for his body to get cleansed and not hurt.

    41 (15) Million Dollar Babies

    Things grow even more tense on both teams, as Lindsay and Beth's friendship is becoming more drained, and Justin and Izzy continue to plot against one another. The Gaffers are divided into 2, with Duncan and Courtney's belligerent attraction growing as they miss and argue with one another, and LeShawna and Harold become friends and things are smooth. Courtney digs through production footage and only downloads the negative comments LeShawna said about the others. Everyone gets extremely competitive as the challenge goes on, and Courtney reveals the video, causing most of the others to be mad at LeShawna.

    Winners: Screaming Gaffers (LeShawna's cheer made things easier for her and was done well, with the Grips failing and falling flat on their face when they did their kiss ass Chris cheer. Bottom 2: Justin and Izzy (Everyone was against either Justin or Izzy).

    Eliminated: Izzy. Justin bribed Chris with hair and cosmetics products that he was modelling for (after Chris was freaking out about it all day. He wanted Izzy gone anyways, as they both smirked when Izzy tries to expose Justin.

    42 (16) Dial M for Merger

    The teams merge, causing everyone to wonder who they can trust. Harold ends up working with Justin after he refuses to speak to LeShawna (he feels uneasy about her), and they end up liking one another more than they thought. LeShawna feels weird about Harold and Justin, so she goes to Lindsay and Beth (whose friendship is still strained) and spends most of her time trying to reunite them). Duncan and Courtney become more turned on to one another as they kick ass in the challenge. Winner: Courtney and Lindsay (the same as in show). This starts their conflict.

    43 (17) Super Hero I-D Courtney becomes more angry with Lindsay getting by easily with everything and through the challenge. Things heat up between Justin and Beth, which causes Beth to break up with Brady. Duncan continues to pick on Harold, which makes LeShawna upset, and he starts to pick on Justin as well. Lindsay and Beth avoid one another the entire time, and there is still tension with mostly everyone regarding LeShawna. Duncan forces the others to start a guys alliance (again) to make a calculating move to get rid of one of the girls, and uses Courtney to get what he wants.

    Winner: Courtney (same in show).

    Bottom 2: Duncan and LeShawna (same as show)

    Eliminated: LeShawna. The same as the show, as others felt that they could not trust her. She forgives Harold and tells him that he has her eye. She walks off in peace with everyone as she apologizes, and she tells Duncan and Courtney to screw off.

    44 (1 TD Aftermath III

    Bridgette breaks up with Geoff because of his sour attitude, to only get back together with him when he says that the producers are forcing him to act this way, as it is expected of him. They interview Owen, and it is revealed that his family is going through some serious issues. LeShawna is interviewed and apologizes for her behavior in the season.

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    46 (19) The Princess Pride

    Harold is extremely saddened by LeShawna's departure, and can barely keep it together. Duncan and Courtney are a power duo, and planning on their next move. Beth and Lindsay miss one another and start to reconcile, which Justin does not like, so he cozies up to Harold, Duncan, and Courtney to ensure that he is safe. Things become tense between the guys, as they have to compete to "win Courtney's heart", and Duncan continues to pick on Justin and Harold, whereas Beth and Lindsay re-bond over bashing Courtney. Lindsay does not have a plan yet to take down Justin.

    Winner: Duncan (He was the only knight and shining armor to make it to the top, and had to fight Courtney to win, and he beat her by her letting him because it would not be good to come off as too big of a threat).

    Bottom 2: Harold and Courtney (The former got votes because he was clearly out of it from the competition and drama, wanted him to shut up, and the latter got votes by irritating others, and being a threat).

    Eliminated: Harold. (Duncan and Courtney made him their next target, and Justin joined them, because they are stronger than Harold)

    47 (20) Get A Clue
    Beth has a feeling that Justin is ignoring her, and she is still not the closest to Lindsay, so they reconcile. Duncan and Courtney start arguing over what their next move is, and their love-hate relationship takes full control this episode. Justin feel a bit secluded from Duncan and Courtney, and he realizes that he might not need Beth anymore. He gets extremely nervous after a confrontation with Lindsay, so the two are in a battle to win the challenge; the dumbest ones are doing the best, which only annoys Courtney. Beth gets irritated with Courtney's complaining.

    Winner: Lindsay (same as challenge. She takes Duncan with her to try to convince him to vote off Justin).

    48 (21) Rock N Rule
    Duncan and Courtney get overly competitive with one another in this challenge, with the latter not winning since Super Hero I-d. Beth reveals her feelings for Justin, to only be rejected. She realizes that he has been using her the entire time, and feels a fool that she cheated on and broke up with a good man for Justin, fully joining Lindsay to take down Justin. Justin realizes that he needs immunity to make it through this elimination knowing he is on the chopping block.

    Winner: Justin. Chris made him win after he revealed that he got a call to join a band with Trent, Harold, and Cody called the Drama Brothers, and did well in the second challenge, and had the highest marks overall. This makes Beth and Lindsay mad).

    Bottom 2: Duncan and Beth. The former got votes to drive Courtney crazy and for being a pest, and the latter got votes because she is smarter than Lindsay.

    Eliminated: Beth. Lindsay accidentally voted for her, making it 3 votes against her. Beth is not sad at all, and realizes that she can try to reconnect with Brady, and glad that she found a true friend. Justin admits that he will miss Beth, and that she is someone he could consider only a friend.

    *No Owen returning.*

    49 (22) Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen
    Lindsay has no allies since Beth is gone, and is saddened. When the genders are paired in the challenge, it causes conflict between Duncan and Courtney, Courtney and Lindsay, Lindsay and Justin, and Justin and Duncan, as they all hate one another. Courtney tries to get Lindsay into an alliance, and Lindsay refuses, causing them to argue and fight during the entire challenge. Justin is extremely scared to get physically hurt, not wanting to taint his image, since that was all he was raised on.

    Winner: Duncan. The guys won the first challenge, and he beat Justin in the last part of the challenge.

    50 (23) 2008: A Space Owen

    Both Lindsay and Justin are feeling the heat about having no allies really, and Duncan and Courtney's relationship intensifies negatively, as she is mad about how he acted in the other challenge, which he is annoyed by her overreacting. Chris is eating up from the obvious tension among-st the group, as they can not get along as they are completing the first challenge to get out of a spaceship. Both Duncan and Courtney promised to be allies with Lindsay and Justin, but plan to throw one of them under the bus, which the couple cannot agree as to who.

    Winner: Duncan. He was the only one who could hold in his vomit, and Courtney refused to take part in the second challenge.

    Bottom 2: Lindsay and Justin. They are both weak contestants, both want the other off, and Courtney was not going to vote off Duncan.

    Eliminated: Justin. They are annoyed with him complaining or praising about something revolving around his looks, and they think that Lindsay is a smaller threat than Justin is. He is mad about his elimination, but he says at least he has his looks, to only see that he has a cut, and a bruise and freaks out.

    51 (24) Top Dog

    Duncan and Courtney are trying to rid of Lindsay, but their relationship is crumbling under the heat of the competition, and from Courtney's pushiness and Duncan not taking her seriously. Lindsay is thrilled that Justin is gone, but she does miss having an ally or friends, and knows that she is under the chopping block.

    Winner: Lindsay. Beth taught her how to be kind and good with animals, which helped her, as Duncan's chameleon almost disappeared, and Courtney had an embarrassing loss.

    Bottom 2 Duncan and Courtney (for not winning the challenge).

    Eliminated: Courtney (same as show, and she breaks up with Duncan, which she soon regrets).

    52 (25) Mutiny on the Soundstage

    Lindsay and Duncan's conflict intensifies as they race to win the final challenge.

    Winner: No one, because it is a tie when they go to the Aftermath studio.

    53 (26) TDA Aftermath IV

    Geoff and Bridgette come up with random challenges to determine a winner, and when nothing works, they ask the others to vote for who they want to win. Lindsay says she wants to go to Europe with Beth, donate to charity, and open a few makeup stores, with Duncan saying he wants to have a few houses when he gets the money. Him and Courtney clearly miss one another and get back together.

    Eliminated Duncan. Many did not like his attitude this season, but he did not care, as he went to take Courtney out for dinner.

    Winner: Lindsay. People voted for her to win because she had a god spirit and attitude, will use the money for a better purpose, and played the game fair this season. She celebrates with Beth, and kisses Tyler, though she forgot who he is.
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    Total Drama: World Tour

    55 (1) Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1:
    Pretty much the same thing happens, except Duncan is put onto Team Victory. Ezekiel is thrown out of the plane, and is actually eliminated. He arrives to the finish like last, and he begs to return to the competition, but Chris refuses, but keeps him as an intern to cause mess among-st the cast, and if he does this successfully, he will join the team that lost a member in the next episode.

    Eliminated: Ezekiel (Was thrown off before the plane took off for being annoying, but snuck on the plane to beg Chris to compete. Explained above).

    56 (2) Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2:

    Tension builds between Alejandro and Sierra, as he knows she is a blogger, and wants dirt on the contestants, while Izzy is missing Owen (never being on separate teams from him since they dated), so they switch. Also, Sierra wants to grow closer to Cody, so she accepts (with Alejandro pressing her to do so). Team Amazon and Chris benefits from the team swap, and they are neck and neck, but the Amazons win (the same way as before). Team Victory loses because they are slow (the girls to busy talking about the mystery and attractiveness of Alejandro, and DJ worrying about an animal curse. Harold and Duncan are the reason they even completed the challenge, but bickered the entire way).

    Winner: Team Amazon (explained above)

    Losers: Team Victory (explained above)

    Eliminated: No one. Ezekiel becomes a useless intern, and was annoying Chris with his demands to be in the competition, but sucking at stirring the pot, so he is tossed out the plane, to only become a stowaway. DJ got spared from elimination from his constant talk of animal curse.

    57 (3) Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan:

    So Alejandro is stirring up more drama over at Team Victory by charming Bridgette (who gets more lonely) and LeShawna, which makes Harold grow more jealous, while Tyler gets more frustrated with Lindsay calling others "Tyler". Courtney becomes more and more paranoid of Gwen, and they continue to argue, with Heather trying to create an alliance with Sierra. Duncan becomes more frustrated with his group, especially with his only friend whining about being cursed. Owen, Izzy, and Noah (who are beocming friends) carry their team to victory with their video.

    Winner: Team Chris is Really Really, Really Hot

    Loser: Team Victory

    Bottom 2: DJ and Duncan. Everyone but DJ hates Duncan and wants him gone (he was a finalist in TDA), and DJ is becoming more useless, with his fear of hurting animals and looking like a punk. It is a tie in votes, so the two have to do a tiebreaker of fighting a panda.

    Eliminated: DJ. He could not do the challenge, so Chris automatically eliminates him. DJ becomes relieved, as he can focus on his mama, and get his fears and psychological issues in check.

    58 (4) Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

    Pretty much the same thing happens, but a few changes. LeShawna decides that she wants to go for Alejandro, but that builds tension with her and Bridgette beforehand, but loses it when she sees them kissing on the broken ice piece. Duncan (instead of LeShawna) comes up with the plan for the team. Cody tries to comfort Gwen for warmth, but that fails, and makes Sierra mad at her. Also, Heather is constantly annoying her team with her whips and bossiness.

    Winner: Team Chris is Really Really, Really Hot

    Loser: Team Victory

    Bottom 2: Bridgette and LeShawna, for their drama with one another over Alejandro, and Bridgette having a boyfriend. Also, Bridgette got stuck to the pole, and forgot the team plan.

    Eliminated: Bridgette. Everyone but Bridgette voted for her, for the reason above, and for cheating on Geoff, which the blonde felt guilty of afterwards. She tries to expose Alejandro, but that fails for obvious reasons. Alejandro grins as he watched the ceremony.

    59 (5) Broadway Baby

    Same challenge and results, for the most part. AleHeather interact more in this episode, Cody is getting more annoyed (as is everyone else, especially Chris) of Sierra blurting out facts. Izzy and Noah start to hang out a bit more without Owen, and Tyler fails to hit on Lindsay. Heather switches the carriages (the same as in the show).

    Winner: Team Amazon (explained above)

    Losers: Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot (explained above)

    60 (6) TDWT Aftermath I
    Geoff and Blaineley are hosting the aftermaths, and Beth has quickly become friends with Katie and Sadie. DJ is interviewed to express his fears of cursed because there is VooDoo in his area in Jamaica, that killed his father. Geoff is avoiding at all costs for Bridgette to come out, since he is mad at her cheating, which Blaineley is eating up. When Bridgette finally comes out, she sings and begs for him to apologize, which he refuses. They almost fight, but end up making out (overall, the same).
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    61 (7) Slap Slap Revolution

    Al and LeShawna's flirting is really getting to Heather and Harold, which Heather tries to warn her, friend to friend, and Heather tells LeShawna she is wrong to play with Harold's feelings. This causes LeShawna and her to have a falling out, and they end up fighting, causing them to lose. Tyler and Lindsay reunite, and are better than ever. Issues between Courtney and Duncan grow, and Duncan vents to Gwen. Sierra creeps out Cody even more.

    Winner: Team Amazon (same as show, but she kicked off Lindsay instead of DJ)

    Losers: Team Victory (same as show)

    Bottom 2: LeShawna and Harold. Their drama is tiring, Harold voted for himself (as an attempt to win over LeShawna. Alejandro told him he really does not want her, but LeShawna told Alejandro that she needs Harold to do something heroic. Al did this to make Harold quit). Oh, and LeShawna threw the challenge accidentally.

    Eliminated: LeShawna and Harold. Alejandro told LeShawna that he only used her to make another girl jealous, and to throw her off after the challenge was done. As LeShawna was eliminated, Harold volunteered to quit to save her. She is touched by this, and they make up. Chris sends both of them off the plane, and LeHarold are dating. LeHarold storyline was tiring and needed to be concluded.

    62 ( The Ah-Mah-Zon Race

    Same. Amazon wants Heather gone, but that changes when Duncan avoids Courtney to talk to Gwen the entire episode. Tension with Chrisx4 Hot grows, as Owen annoys Al, and Izzy is constantly hurting Owen, which is causing him to second guess his relationship. Izzy and Noah growing closer is causing a rift between Noah and Owen, as Owen becomes jealous and annoyed. Heather and Sierra has a falling out when Heather tries to get Sierra in an alliance and she refuses. It is pretty close, but Duncan and Lindsay win the challenge.

    Winner: Team Victory (same as show; Lindsay and Tyler have a romantic night in First Class, as Duncan and Gwen talk, and chemistry grows.)

    Losers: Team Amazon (same events in show; Heather saved from elimination, and her and Alejandro become more competitive).

    63 (9) Can't Help Falling in Louvre

    So while Lindsay and Tyler are embracing in the romance of Paris, two other couples (Duncan and Courtney; Owen and Izzy are not). Owen is becoming more of a spy, and Izzy is mad that she does not trust him. Alejandro is plotting Owen to go home, by stirring the pot with Noah and Izzy (whispering a bunch of stuff in theirs (and Owen's) ear). Also, Sierra is a BIT sad from finding out that Cody voted for her, but she is also taking note on what is happening with the others for her blog) and she finds out a lot. Heather and Alejandro continue their competitive drive.

    Winner: Team Amazon

    Losers: Team Chris is Really x4 Hot

    Bottom 2: Owen and Noah (Owen voted for him for what Alejandro told him, Tyler feels strongly about cheating, so he votes for Noah (again, Al told him this), and the others voted for Owen because of his annoyance, and feeling like he changed since TDA.

    Eliminated: Owen. Izzy broke up with him for not trusting her, Noah votes for him for not trusting him, and Al voted for him because he disliked him, and was annoyed from the last challenge of him calling him Al. Owen needed to go, because he did nothing in the 19 episodes. After the vote, Noah realizes that what Alejandro told him did not add up, especially after when he talks to Izzy and Tyler.

    64 (10) Newf Kids on the Rock

    So Izzy is sad about her breakup with Owen, and cries to her friend Sierra, who gets confirmation on Al when Izzy told her the entire story. Duncan and Courtney break up before the challenge starts, causing her and Gwen to go love struck and not shut up about him. Heather is trying to get Chris to disban Team Victory. Cody is trying to win over Gwen, but is heartbroken when he goes in the confessional to see Gwen and Duncan kiss. Noah confronts Alejandro.

    Winner: Team Victory and Chris (same reason as show, but different people)

    Loser: Team Amazon (same reason as show, but no hallucination of Duncan)

    65 (11) Jamaica Me Sweat

    Izzy jumps out of the plane and gets injured (as in the show), and Courtney is in denial of Duncan dumping her. Cody is crushed about the kiss he witnessed, and Sierra tries to cheer him up. Alejandro is trying to find a way to get rid of Noah (who is by himself), as he and Heater are trying to split up Team Victory.

    Winner: Team Amazon (Team Victory were too caught up in their relationships; Duncan and Gwen decide to become official, and Al was trying to get his team to lose)

    Loser: Team Victory

    Eliminated: Izzy (same as show) and Lindsay (Chris chose to save Duncan from automatic elimination because his drama causes ratings, and Lindsay has been annoyingly lovestruck). I needed a few more episodes to develop Tyler and Lindsay's relationship.

    66 (12) TDWT Aftermath II
    Geoff, Bridgette, the eliminated and the commentators are hosting a telethon to save the show. They are demanded to expose secrets of the eliminated (Harold, LeShawna, Owen, Izzy, and Lindsay) to make money. LeShawna soon makes up with Bridgette and reveals she was conflicted with Harold because her family and friends in the hood would not approve, and more secrets about their relationship and past comes out. Owen reveals he had a crush on BOTH Noah and Izzy, which Izzy reveals to have had a crush on BOTH of them. They expose MANY about their lives and decide to go out to Playdium to start over as friends. Lindsay said a lot, but no one took her seriously (as usual).
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    67 (13) I See London

    So there is no Team Amazon going to get Duncan (for obvious reasons). Alejandro tries to get Chris to let Duncan on his team (which Heather is trying to do as well). He is getting more anxious as he is struggling to get rid of Noah (who is warning Tyler of Alejandro). Sierra manages to get Cody to tell her about Gwen and Duncan kissing, which only makes Sierra (thinking this happened BEFORE Courtney and Duncan breaking up) determined to get rid of Gwen. She teams up with an angry Courtney and Heather to get rid of Gwen. Duncan is getting more and more agitated, as he is the final member of his team, being interrogated by everyone, and sick of the singing. Chris makes a deal with Ezekiel to not get caught as being the ripper, and he will return to the competition (which fails).

    Winner: Team Amazon (Team Victory were too caught up in their relationships; Duncan and Gwen decide to become official, and Al was trying to get his team to lose)

    Loser: Team Chrisx4 Hot

    Eliminated: Duncan. He quits before the winner of the challenge is even announced. This makes Gwen, Alejandro and Heather mad. He makes this announcement that he is sick of the BS of the competition, and tells Gwen that he cannot handle it there anymore, but he loves her. Al and Heather are STILL trying to convince Chris to let Duncan stay and join their team.

    68 (14) Greeces Pieces

    Gwen is shunned by everyone, and is on the chopping block, so to save herself, she allies with Cody to eliminate Courtney. Heather is the loose cannon, who is slowly dealing with her obsession over Alejandro, who is fighting with Noah to get Tyler on his side to eliminate the other. Alejandro is screwing up in the challenge when he is constantly paired with Heather, as his attraction for her grows. Tension with Courtney and Gwen comes to blow up when they start fighting ONE ANOTHER instead of the other team. It does not help with Sierra joining the mix.

    Winner: Team Chris x4 Hot (Tyler beat Cody in the final challenge, showing that he IS good at some sort of athleticism. Cody tried to desperately save Gwen from elimination).

    Loser: Team Amazon (Courtney, Sierra, and Gwen fought one another, losing the challenge, and Cody lost the final challenge).

    Bottom 2: Gwen and Courtney. Gwen started the fight, which caused them to lose, and everyone thought that she was a mistress. Courtney was talking mad ish and was too upset, which annoyed everyone. She started spreading lies about Gwen.

    Eliminated: Gwen for the reasons listed above. She tries to explain to Courtney that Duncan broke up with her in Paris, before they kissed in Newfoundland, which Courtney unknowingly admitting, which caused others to be mad at Courtney, but it was too late.

    69 (15) The EX-Files

    Alejandro, Heather, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, Tyler, and Noah are told that the teams are merging. Alejandro makes his next move and flirts with Courtney, which angers Heather. Noah and Cody bond and create an alliance, which worries Sierra (NoCo rumors). Tyler is struggling in the challenge, which is for each individual to.

    Winner: Tyler (he tripped on his way back, causing his artifact to fall in Chris' hands. This excited him, and gives him much needed confidence). He takes Alejandro to first class with him, allying with him.

    70 (16) Picnic at Hanging Dork

    Tyler is confident that he will own everyone and win the challenges, which his ego gets a bit out of control. Noah, Cody, Sierra, and Heather team up to try to get rid of the biggest threat; Alejandro, who is too busy flirting with Courtney. Chris surprised them with an automatic elimination of the last person to complete the challenge. They are trying to sabotage Alejandro, so he can go home.

    Winner: Noah (which angers Alejandro, who is STILL angered of not ridding him). He takes Cody to first class, which worries and angers Sierra, who vents to Courtney (as she hates Heather more).

    Bottom 2: Alejandro and Tyler. They were the last 2 to complete the challenge. The 4 sabotaged Al, while Tyler was struggling, thanks to his ego.

    Eliminated: Tyler. His ego caused him to brag more than to strategize and think of a quicker, better way to complete the challenge. He brags about at least making it to the merge.

    71 (17) Sweden Sour

    Noah, Sierra, and Cody actually start to get along, as they add all the pieces of Alejandro getting rid of the contestants. Alejandro becomes desperate to get rid of Noah, that he went to Heather, which causes an argument. He drives both of them crazy, so he takes off his shirt and constantly flirts with them. Each camper must make their own boat, and make the other boats sink. Sierra tries to convince Courtney to join them to vote off Alejandro, but she refuses, breaking their "alliance" they had, which they used to eliminate Gwen. Heather is taken by Al to first class and argues with him about Courtney, which causes them to almost kiss.

    Winner: Alejandro, to the anger of Noah, Sierra, Cody, and Heather. He takes Heather to first class to taunt her, and things almost get too heated.

    72 (1 TDWT Aftermath III

    The interviews of the eliminated (more specifically Duncan and Gwen) were done quickly, so all the eliminated can participate in the contest to return to the competition. Bridgette and Geoff plotted this to get rid of Blaineley once and for all (which everyone BUT Blaineley knows). She is tricked into answering all the answers right, and is sent to compete.

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    73 (19) Niagara Brawls

    Blaineley debuts from the actions of the third aftermath. She automatically makes an alliance with Chef; as she is paired with a bear for the challenge. He is telling her how to maneuver through the challenge with no ease. He announces to everyone that a pair WILL be eliminated via vote. Heather willingly chooses Al for a partner (they made a temporary alliance to get rid of Noah and Courtney). Cody and Sierra, and Noah and Courtney are partners for the challenge. Cody and Sierra come with an understanding and agreement.

    Winner: Originally it was Blaineley, but Chris called her out by having Chef giving answers to her and manipulate to make the others fail in the challenge. This causes Sierra and Cody (the second couple to complete the challenge) to win.

    Bottom 3 Noah (Alejandro, Blaineley, Courtney), Blaineley (Heather, Cody, Sierra), and Alejandro (Blaineley).

    Eliminated: Noah and Blaineley. They received the 2 most votes. Al got Blaineley and Courtney to vote for Noah, while Heather, Cody, and Sierra voted for Blaineley for forming an alliance with Chef. Noah outs Alejandro for all the bad that he did, and Blaineley outed Ezekiel being on the plane, telling Courtney Al liked Heather, and tells Sierra that Cody's family is trying to put a restraining order on her.

    74 (20) Chinese Fake Out

    Realizing that she is by herself, Courtney cozies back up to Sierra to have an ally, but she refuses. Courtney becomes more and more angry about people constantly playing her (Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro), so she does what she does best; call her lawyers to benefit her. Sierra is still shocked that Cody and his family are planning to file a restraining order, and tries to reason with him. Alejandro and Heather are doing extremely well in the race, and are the only two to make it across the finish time in time to go to the next challenge. During this entire time, Ezekiel (who is normal and is Chris' intern after Blaineley outed him) is sabotaging the food and the track.

    Winner: Heather (she won the food portion of the challenge easily, compared to Alejandro, who threw up quickly). She takes Cody to first class, which makes Alejandro jealous and Sierra more worried. Courtney is starting to realize that she might not make it much longer.

    75 (21) African Lying Safari

    Sierra gets an email about Alejandro, and his issues with his family and brother (the email came from Jose), and she quickly uses it for leverage against him. She goes to a ranting and complaining Courtney (who is STILL complaining about men sucking, like Duncan and Alejandro), so they team up. Alejandro is annoyed by him and Heather speaking and saying things at the same time, and jealous from her inviting Cody to first class. Cody is considering his options, and realizes that sticking with Sierra is the best thing. The challenge is to shoot a lion (Ezekiel in costume), and the winner gets SOLE choice of who to eliminate.

    Winner: Heather. She stole Alejandro's shooting balls when she flirted with him, and took out Cody and Ezekiel.

    Eliminated: Courtney. Heather chooses to eliminate her for being annoying, constantly complaining about being "wronged" by Duncan and Gwen LONG after their eliminations, trying to get her lawyers to help her on the show, and secretly for flirting with Alejandro.

    76 (22) Rapa-Phooey

    Heather takes Sierra to first class to convince her to eliminate Alejandro, while he promises Cody that Sierra will be gone after Heather. It is battle of the genders, as the alliances work together through the challenge. Alejandro knows he has to do something dirty to make it to the final 3.

    Winner Sierra. Chris refuses to let her choose someone to go to first class with her, and will remain so until the end of the competition.

    77 (23) Awww Drumheller

    Alejandro sneaks into the production room to photoshop an image of Cody and Heather cuddling, to split apart the female alliance. He tells Sierra, only to get in a confrontation before he shows her the picture, and she gets extremely mad at Heather. It is Cody's birthday, and she wants to make a cake for him, which he appreciates, since even he forgot his own birthday. Alejandro and Heather have disadvantages in the challenge, and they do not get along, while Cody and Sierra does and works through the challenge quickly, after he tells her that the picture of him and Heather are photoshopped. So pretty much the same thing happens in this episode.

    Winner: Cody. His oil got to Chris a second before Sierra's did, and it would only be right for him to be safe on his birthday.

    Bottom 2: Alejandro and Sierra (everyone but Alejandro voted for him, after they were aware of the photo, and he voted for Sierra to get Cody on his side).

    Eliminated: Sierra. She went into the kitchen to get Cody's cake, but she saw Ezekiel with a suitcase (similar to the one that looked like the million dollars). She ran over to him, and they got into a fight, causing the cake to fall on an oil spill, him pushing her so her legs were injured, and the plane blowing up. Ezekiel managed to escape before the plane blew up. Chris disqualifies her.

    78 (24) TDWT Aftermath IV
    The exact same thing happens here than it does in the show. Nothing else to explain.

    79 (25) Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Balloons

    Pretty much the exact same things happen in the show. The only difference is that Chris and Chef are chasing after Ezekiel, while the final 3 and Sierra fight to be the first to make it to Hawaii. Alejandro gets into an unfortunate incident, that caused his hair to get cut extremely short. Ezekiel gets the money taken from him, and is stuck in Mexico.

    Winner: Alejandro

    Eliminated: Cody. He was the last person to reach Hawaii.

    80 (26) Hawaiian Punch

    So pretty much the same thing happens. There is no tiebreaker challenge. They battle it out in the finale, and he is about to throw it in the volcano, but in a weird way, they confess their love for one another and how they will miss one another, which leads into a kiss. She pushes him off, which leads him to be severely injured, NOT burned. They see the pineapple warning, and she takes off the pineapple before she throws the dummy in. She is a tiny bit sad, but thrilled that she finally won. Everyone but Ezekiel and Alejandro (who is hospitalized) decides to celebrate at the hotel.
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    Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

    81 (1) Bigger, Badder, and Brutaler

    So everyone arrived, and are split into teams. The Mutant Maggots are Anne Maria, Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Dakota, and Sam. Sam thinks Dakota is hot, Mike and Zoey want to know each other, Anne Maria and Dakota are threatened by one another in the looks department, and Cameron is nervous. Dawn and B take a liking to one another, Jo, Lightning, and B lead in the challenge, and Scott is trying to sabotage his team. Staci is trying to impress her team with stories about her family.

    Winner: Mutant Maggots (unchanged. They initially lost, but the other team destroyed the big cabin).

    Bottom 2: Scott and Staci. (Scott seemed expendable as he did not help, and him and Staci contributed the least in the challenge).

    Eliminated: Staci (unchanged. She annoyed EVERYONE on camp with her attention seeking lies about her family. She was expendable as well).

    82 (2) Truth or Laser Shark

    Jo is impressed with Lightning's performance in the last challenge, and forms an alliance with him. Scott is not liking how close his team is, so he makes a plan for sabotage. Sam, tries to hit on Dakota, but it does not work (or at least from what she showed him). She was extremely tired, and asked Anne Maria to do her makeup, causing them to bond. Dawn is determined to read everyone's auras (Jo is insecure about how boys view her, Brick needs to be dominated, Lightning desperate to please his father, Scott being overly defensive to protect himself, and B not talking because he feels it is not necessary), and to get closer to B. In the first challenge, we learn that Anne Maria was adopted by successful Italians (thanks Snooki), Dakota is fame hungry to be loved, Zoey is insecure and depressed about being a loner (which Mike and Cameron relates to), Dawn is a Wicca, B is Beverly, Brick peed in his pants, and Sam's family runs a successful video console company. In the second part of the challenge, Lightning is attracted to Anne Maria, and flirts with her, which she is distracted by. B picks up the pace, and Mike saves Zoey from getting jumped from beavers, which they bond on later.

    Winner: Toxic Rats. Svetlana was introduced, and him and B were the last ones to finish the race. B helped the others catch up, and he barely beat Svetlana, which angers Scott and puts him on his hit list. The others were taken aback by Svetlana, but Mike told them that he was raised by gymnasts, causing him to lie to Zoey who he hung out with after the challenge ended.

    *no one is eliminated*

    83 (3) Ice Ice Baby

    So Jo invites Brick to workout with her (without her ally Lightning) to ask him to be in an alliance, but as they work out, things become a bit too competitive. B and Dawn are having a good time with the animals, as Scott watches from behind them, plotting to get rid of them. The girls of the Maggots start talking about guys, with Zoey gushing about Mike, and Dakota (who is loosening up to Sam) and Anne Maria being unsure about Sam and Lightning. During the first part of the challenge, Brick and Jo are competitively climbing the mountain, with Mike and Zoey helping one another climb as they blush. Dawn miraculously makes it up the mountain first, which creeps out all of her team mates, but B. In the next part of the challenge, Cameron and Sam comes up with a great strategy for the team, which causes them to bond. Sam takes a blow of snow for Dakota, which she is touched by. Lightning keeps on winking at Anne Maria, who is still undecided about him, but that changes when Vito is introduced, as Zoey becomes more worried, and Anne Maria becomes more attracted to. Cameron takes note of the weird appearances of Svetlana and Vito.

    Winner: Mutant Maggots. Not only did Sam and Cameron have a great plan (which everyone did well on), but B's plan fell apart, as he missed a calculation. Cameron confronts Mike about having MPD, to which Mike secretly reveals it to and tells Cameron not to tell Zoey.

    Bottom 2: B and Dawn. (Dawn's wicca freaked out some, and B cost the challenge. Jo convinced Lightning to vote with her, and Scott got the others (including Dawn) to sadly vote for her friend.

    Eliminated: B (for the reasons above). Dawn apologizes to him, and he pats her shoulder, signaling that he understands. Scott grins, as Jo growls at the fact that Dawn is not off. Dawn can tell that she feels isolated because of her religion. Lightning goes to Anne Maria's room to ask her out, but he gets shot down for Vito, making him mad at Mike.

    84 (4) Finders Creepers

    Chris wakes them up at 2 in the morning for their next challenge. He reveals that a member of each team will be permanently moving to the other team (Lightning and Cameron switch). He did this to increase ratings, knowing Jo won't like the weak Cameron, and Lightning will be mean to Mike for "taking Anne Maria". Dakota goes to Sam for comfort, as she is somewhat scared of the night. Jo is mad that her ally was switched to the other team, so she cozies up to Scott and Brick, planning to get rid of Dawn or Cameron). Dawn and Cameron work together (as they are outsiders on their team), and she reads his and everyone on her teams auras. Mike's shirt was ripped when Lightning tries to holst him, which only made Anne Maria cling to Vito. Zoey was unaware of Vito and Anne Maria's blooming affair as she was captured early in the challenge. Anne Maria is LOVING the attention form both of the men. Dakota encourages her to slow it down early in the challenge, which causes a disagreement between them.

    Winner: Mutant Maggots (this will be the end of their constant streak. When Anne Maria was not all over Vito, she actually helped Lightning in the challenge. Sam and Zoey were captured early, and Dakota was later. Only Scott and Brick remained, as he purposefully ditched Cameron, Jo, and Dawn to lose).

    Bottom 2: Cameron and Dawn. They are outsiders to Jo and Scott (Brick is doing this to stay on Jo's good side).

    Eliminated: Dawn. Jo managed to convince Scott and Brick to vote her off, from being creeped from her, and for not being useful, and being a loner. Dawn votes for Cameron to keep him safe from the harsh personalities, and Cameron refused to vote. Dawn is acceptable with her elimination, as she warns Brick and Cameron of the dark personalities amongst them.

    85 (5) Backstabbers Ahoy

    Now that Dawn is gone, Jo is worrying about her team, and is desperate for the other team to lose, so she calls Lightning for a secret meeting to split up Sam and Dakota, so they can annoy everyone and do badly. Lightning does not know that this will result in a loss for the team, and she tells him that he will win over Anne Maria. Speaking of her, Vito reappears for most of the episode (as his shirt was off), causing them to flirt and kiss in front of Zoey, making her sad. Lightning tells the newly hooked up couple (went steady in the beginning of the episode) about Dakota having a rendez-vous with a producer of the show, which causes for him to feel like a loser, and to argue with Dakota. Meanwhile, Scott is trying to get his team to lose, as Brick and Jo are strong. Brick and Cameron realize Scott is acting weird when it comes to the challenges. At the same time, Jo is slowly realizing that her competitive attitude with Brick partially has to do with the attraction she has for Brick (she is feeling weird about liking him without a shirt). To distract herself, she purposefully hits some of the Maggots, and is about to hit Sam, but Dakota steps in the way and gets a HUGE bite mark.

    Winner: Toxic Rats. Brick did extremely well in the first part of the challenge, Lightning was a great driver, and Jo was a good shooter, though Scott tried to sabotage (which Cameron started to study). Brick and Jo start to have an awkward conversation after the challenge is complete, as they are both wierded out all of a sudden. Cameron confronts Scott, which leads into an argument.

    Bottom 2: Mike and Sam. Many did not like how "Mike" was leading on 2 girls, and others felt that Sam was useless.

    Eliminated: Dakota. Her bite becomes to turn blue at the elimination ceremony, which panicked everyone. Chris realized that he NEEDED to get her out of there before he got sued, so he sent her and called the paramedics. Dakota tells Sam that she only has eyes for him, and they settle their differences. He gives her a kiss before she is sent in the ambulance truck.

    86 (6) Runaway Model

    Sam is sad that Dakota left and to make things worse, his game console breaks. Tension grows between Zoey and Anne Maria as they argue about Mike, and all the way to 60's clothing. Mike does not understand why Zoey is snubbing him, and both go to Cameron for comfort and advice. Lightning becomes more angry from his ego being bruised by being rejected and watching Jo neglect him for Brick. Tension grows between Scott-Cameron (Cameron is onto him, and Scott wants him gone), and Jo-Cameron (She thinks he is extremely useless compared to the others). The belligerent attraction between Brick and Jo comes to a blow during the challenge, as Jo takes her anger out on Brick and Cameron, who bond for being the only sane people on their team. Wanting to get to the bottom of the drama with his friends, Cameron tells Anne Maria about Mike's MPD.

    Winner: Toxic Rats. Brick's fashion sense and Cameron's natural behaviour with animals caused them to win the first challenge. Jo tries to seduce the bear to see if she is sexy, but it fails. Her and Scott just knocked off the bear, winning.

    Bottom 2: Sam and Anne Maria. Both of them have been proven to be not much use in challenges, Anne for the whole Mike drama, and Sam going through a tech malfunction.

    Eliminated: Sam. For the reasons above, losing the challenge, and complaining about his withdrawal and not being with Dakota. Mike decided to vote for Sam instead of Anne Maria.
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    87 (7) A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

    Cameron reveals to Mike that he told her he has MPD to leave him alone (he had to explain in depth to her what it was). Zoey is completely snubbing Mike, and focusing on the game. Anne Maria than tries to flirt with Lightning, but he was too focused on the competition and making it through. The Rats argue and struggle the entire challenge, with Cameron's growing feuds with Jo and Scott, with Brick and Jo's belligerent competitive attraction takes a turn for the worse when their morals clash, when it comes to saving others. Anne Maria has a conversation with Mike (who revealed Manitoba). Jo is considering going out with Brick.

    Winner: Mutant Maggots. They worked together better; and Zoey and Lightning led the team to victory.

    Bottom 2: Jo and Brick. They had tied votes for being thorns and threats.

    Eliminated: Brick. Chris told them as a tiebreaker that they had to fight one another and win to make it to the merge. Jo was ready, but Brick refused to hit a lady. She revealed he was this close to being her man, but he blew it. Mike, Zoey, Cameron, and Anne Maria saluted him goodbye.

    88 ( The Treasure Island of Dr McLean

    They are on floats and are told that the teams are merged, which excited everyone. Soon after they are told the challenge, people team up (Mike, Zoey, Cameron), Jo is planning to throw Lightning under the bus to be allies with Scott. Jo and Scott are fast emerging into first place, as they complete the challenge with no ease, and plan to stay that way, so they set traps to hold back the others. The other 5 get caught into one trap, and Mike and Cameron are having a secret conversation (his MPD) and leaving Zoey out of it, which only pisses her off. Lightning continues to flirt with Anne Maria, but she plays "hard to get". When they all get out of the trap, Zoey refuses to go with them as they refused to tell them what was going on.

    Winner: Scott. He as the first one to make it there. He also figures out that Mike has MPD when Chester makes an odd appearance, which he awares Jo about.

    Bottom 2: Zoey and Anne Maria. The other boys sped off to the finish line after they for their treasure.

    Eliminated: Anne Maria. The two girls are head to head, and Zoey barely beats her. As she leaves, she tells Jo and Scott they are sick for setting traps for them, apologizes to Zoey about Mike (though still thinks she is bland and cannot dress), and tells Lightning that she has many options that have given her great offers for dating her. He offers to take her to his father's next date and as she is about to respond, she is launched over.

    89 (9) Grand Chef Auto

    Jo realizes that Scott is more useful than Lightning (strong AND smart). With his jersey distraction gone, Lightning is working out extremely, ranting and raving on how he is going to win, and makes fun of Cameron. Cameron tells Mike that he needs to tell Zoey about his MPD because Zoey is threatening to not be Cameron's friend. Scott figures out about Mike's MPD and demands him to carry him to victory, which Mike reluctantly does. Jo threw Lightning under the bus as she left him to get beat up by a toxic animal, causing him to realize she used him, and building their feud. Zoey feels isolated by Mike as he ignores her to help Scott, but he eventually snaps at him and tells Zoey the truth. She says she loves oddballs, and they go for a picnic after the challenge and become official.

    Winner: Jo. She manages to beat everyone to marking the landing spots, and grins at Lightning. Chris tells her that as the winner, she has the option on who to eliminate.

    Eliminated: Lightning. She chooses to eliminate him because she does not need him anymore, and needs weaker people in the game. Lightning starts to lose it, as he realized he failed his father by being eliminated. He starts to cry, then angrily lashes at Jo before he gets launched. I needed Lightning to go at this point because he had nothing else going for him to remain longer, and it would be appropriate to eliminate him here. He was the worst choice as a finalist, as he barely did anything the entire season. He needed to go, that is it.

    90 (10) Up, Up and Away in my Pitiful Balloon

    Mike, and Zoey were hanging out and having fun in the arts craft movie, watching movies, and a bunch of other things before the challenge; bonding without Cameron (they wanted to hang out as a couple). Scott and Jo are extremely worried, as they are outnumbered, and willing to do ANYTHING to split them up, so Jo cozies up to Cameron, who is too naive to realize what is happening. Scott is not about to have any of this, so he sabotages Mike, Zoey, and Cameron's vehicles. Mike and Zoey are unbreakable, and she is interested in his MPD. The person whom performs the worst at getting Heather and building their machine is incapable of voting.......and that is Cameron.

    Winner: Zoey. She was the only one who managed to get the money from Heather.

    Bottom 3: Scott, Jo and Mike. Mike voted for Scott (last episode), Zoey voted for Jo (her actions in the episode).

    Eliminated: Mike. They could not target Zoey (immunity), and Cameron was weaker and too obvious of a choice. Mike was the link between Zoey and Cameron; and is stronger because of his personalities. He gives his friends a speech of how they helped him and he will always be thankful, wishing them luck.

    11 (91) Eat, Puke, and Be Wary

    Jo and Scott confront and bully Cameron, telling him to be sure that he is weak and going to be out of the game and back in his bubble. Zoey is a bit sad about Mike's elimination, but her and Cameron talk more about their interests, and Zoey tells him her secret passion; anything oldies. They are also determined to plot to get Scott and Jo. Jo and Scott are planning to get rid of either Zoey or Cameron, then betray one another. All 4 of them are sabotaging the allying's food, but Scott has the strongest stomach. With the competition getting more toxic, even the good guys Cameron and Zoey are having negativity written all over them. Scott and Jo talk saying that their alliance ends after the challenge.

    Winner: Cameron. He broke off the tracker from himself and was the first to cross. Zoey refused to cheat, and was worn down from the competition, so they went their separate ways. He talks with Zoey to vote off Scott.

    Bottom 2: Scott and Zoey. Cameron was immune, so some had no other choice. Scott because he is a bad soul, like Jo, but more irritating and pathetic.

    Eliminated: Zoey. She voted for herself to get away from the toxic people, as she knew a friendship finale was not going to happen, because of all that Scott and Jo are capable of, and wanting to still have some dignity. She got what she wanted out of the competition (friends). Cameron is shocked that she voted for herself, and she tells him that he is strong enough to beat them and to thank him for being her friend.

    92 (12) The Enchanted Franken-Forest

    Cameron realizes that he needs to toughen out more to beat Jo and Scott, while the latter 2 break off their alliance, but say it was a fun time. As they go through the woods, things intensify between all 3 of them, as they try to trap one another and steal each other's maps. Jo and Scott are using the dirtiest tricks that they have, while Cameron is using his smarts to outmaneuver them and to move along the forest to make it to the finish line. Jo and Cameron have a confrontation after the challenge.

    Winner: Jo. She pushed Cameron in a ditch to make it first place. After he gets out, they have some intense words, but he gets worried that he is going to be sent home.

    Bottom 2: Scott and Cameron (they are the only remaining players in the game). Scott is thinking he is in the final 2 from Jo's vote, and Cameron is a nervous wreck.

    Eliminated: Scott. Jo voted for him because Cameron is a weaker player, and knowing that the finale is going to be physical, she chose the weaker player. Scott is a bit hurt, but respects Jo's game.

    93 (13) Brain vs Brawn: The Final Showdown

    Everyone from the season returns for the finale, and are happy as heck. Everyone but Lightning and Scott are rooting for Cameron. Things with Jo and Cameron intensify as they are building their gear, and it is even game with Cameron sending some shots, with her doing the same. Cameron's gear starts losing power, causing Jo to best the crap out of him, but Cameron recovers, and does something to change his chances.

    2nd Place: Jo. Cameron created a power bomb, which hit her, and physically altered her body. Her hair is white, and her body feels weaker and gained a bit of weight, making everything a bit more flubby. She screams and freaks out over her looks being messed up (everyone laughing, because she comes off as a tomboy). Brick offers his hand and still assures her that she is beautiful, which makes her blush. She asks him who he is so nice to her especially, and he says he knows she has a heart and wants to be loved. They go on the boat together.

    Winner: Cameron. He won for the reasons above. Everyone runs up to cheer him on and so he can surf their hands. He feels overconfident by lasting in this tough show with these tough personalities. Because everyone has helped him, he decides to split the money with everyone..........but Jo. Mike and Zoey are the most proud of him. The season ends with all the contestants on the boat, and Anne Maria telling Lightning that she would love to go to his father's football game with him.
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    Total Drama All-Stars

    94 (1) Heroes vs Villains
    It is a year after ROTI, and everyone is back for the new season. Sam is the last to arrive, and everyone is confused why he is there, with Chris telling them that Anne Maria and Brick refused, so they chose him. Lightning and Scott are still mad at Jo for betraying them, so they form an alliance to make sure she is eliminated soon. They get the teams of the Villainous Vultures and the Heroic Hamsters (same as in actual season). Gwen and Duncan are clearly going through some issues in their relationships, but both agree to not let it play out on the show, and she is sad that her friends Bridgette and Leshawna are not in the season, and she is a villain, though she technically did not steal Duncan from Courtney. Jo and Heather argue about who should be doing what for the challenge, but Jo decides to push the carriage, and Heather knows that there is a 7th spot on their team that is empty, and is worried about Alejandro showing up late to the season (which he eventually does). Zoey and Mike are in a good place, and wish one another good luck as they go on their challenges. Sierra is glad but a bit sad that she is in a season without Cody, and there is still tension between her and Courtney from Season 3. Lindsay is not that excited to be back in the show, but tries her best anyways, which is not that good anyways.

    Winners: Villainous Vultures (same reason as in show, with Alejandro appearing and getting the right key. things do not start well with him and Heather, and Jo cockily takes credit for winning the first challenge. Lindsay and Courtney finds themselves as outsiders on their team).

    Bottom 2: Courtney and Lindsay (same as show. Courtney being bossy and not worthy to be on the Heroes team, and Lindsay for not really trying that hard to be there, and complaining about Beth and Tyler not being with her).

    Eliminated: Lindsay. She was useless, and she was sad with being there without anyone that would support her anyways. Lindsay has no hard feelings, and is happy to be reunited with her friends (with none of them being in the competition). There is literally no other plot that I could do with Lindsay, so she needed to go. Alejandro is sent to Boney Island.

    95 (2) Evil Dread

    The trio, Sierra, and Sam are all getting along and bonding in the losers compartment, and Mike says he wants to take Zoey to the Craft services after to watch an indie movie. Sierra and Cameron makes predictions on the Heroes chances of winning and losing, an who could lose. Alejandro and Heather argue in the winner's compartment about last season, and Jo knows that Scott and Lightning are out to get her, so she tries to befriend Duncan and Gwen, who were in the middle of a discussion about their relationship, and her not being a villain. During the challenge, Sam gets caught in a bunch of booby traps, and Courtney is trying to get on the Heroes' good side, but she comes off as too bossy, turning everyone off. Jo continues to argue with Heather about leadership, and things get personal when they take shots at one another's looks, and who is the better villain, with Scott and Lightning joining to gang up on her. Mike and Zoey flirt as they work with one another, and Sierra and Cameron dig together. Alejandro is trying to come off as crippled and weak to get sympathy points from everyone, so they can forget about his Season 3 actions. Scott tries to sabotage the Heroes section, and Mike and Zoey catches him, causing the three to get into an altercation, and for Scott to knock Mike out with a shovel. Scott wants to be the biggest villain in the game.

    Winners: Villainous Vultures. When Heather and Jo stopped arguing, Jo went to work with Alejandro, Gwen, and Duncan, while Heather went to work with Lightning and Scott, and the two teams managed to find the pieces easily, where things did not go well for the Heroes. Mike and Sam is taken to the infirmary.

    Bottom 2: Courtney and Sam. Courtney is not liked on her team for being bossy and mean, and Sierra reported to the team that she saw her speak to Scott, and glaring at Duncan and Gwen after the challenge. Sam is not good at challenges, and he has gotten overly injured from the booby traps that were left around at the challenge.

    Eliminated: Sam. They knew he would not be useful in challenges anymore, as many parts of his body got injured, and they felt like he was not that strong of a competitor anyways. Sam is sad that he did not do well, but is happy that he gets to see Dakota. I needed to get rid of Sam here because like Lindsay, there is no possible way he could really be used, and is just fodder. Gwen is sent to Boney Island.

    96 (3) Saving Private Leechball

    Jo is trying to stir the pot with Duncan and Gwen, to split them up, and so they could be on her side, but that only gets her in trouble, which she does not need, with Lightning, Scott, and Heather already hating her. Gwen goes over to speak to Courtney, and Duncan joins, which is the last thing Courtney wants, but Scott pulls her away from them, which she is thankful for. Mike is stuck in the infirmary and is not allowed to compete in the challenge, as glimpses of Mal appears. Zoey is saddened that she will have to be apart from Mike for days, but she leans on Cameron and Sierra, and makes friends with the latter; both relating on being separate from their men and being hopeless romantics. Alejandro grows annoyed with Lightning, and him and Heather try to warm up to the team to get them on their side, as they both grow nervous about losing. Heather studies that Alejandro is not as "injured and crippled" as he is pretending to be. Lightning and Scott plot to get rid of Jo, but Scott rambles to Lightning about Courtney, which he does not really care for. Mal pops by randomly and tries to sabotage the challenge. Gwen gets more mad when she hears a bunch of lies about Duncan.

    Winners: Heroic Hamsters. Cameron, Zoey, and Sierra work extremely well with one another, as they take out most of the villains. Cameron did get shot when Courtney pushed them all to avoid getting shot by Scott, Duncan, and Gwen.

    Bottom 2: Heather and Jo. People are annoyed with them trying to get everyone in an alliance with them, and trying to cause trouble. Heather and Jo get into another argument at the elimination ceremony. Gwen kisses Duncan as he saved her from getting shot in the challenge, and they cleared up everything that the other team was spreading around (like Duncan wanting to dump her and Gwen regretting dating Duncan).

    Eliminated: Jo. She failed in the challenge, and was only causing unnecessary trouble with the team. Not only that, but she was hated by everybody on her team. Lightning rubs it in her face, and she punches him as she is escorted. What they did not know is that Jo saw Mal, and he sabotaged her gun, causing her to fail in the challenge. She says there is a greater evil among them, and that she will get Lightning and Scott back. Mike goes to Boney Island.
    *Note: Duncan and Courtney switch teams, which excites the Heroes and Scott, and saddens Gwen.

    97 (4) Food Fright

    Gwen is trying to speak to Courtney about their issues, but Courtney could care less, and she goes to speak to Scott, who is flirting with her, and telling her that he will help her get rid of the non-villain Gwen. Lightning tries to ally with Alejandro and Heather, telling them that the team sucks without Lightning, and that they would be nothing without him. Alejandro and Heather spent the night together, and there was a lot of arguing, and they have come to a deal. Duncan is overly welcomed to the Heroes team, and Mike comes to realize that they are closer than he remembered. There is tension with Mike and Duncan, as they recognize one another from outside Total Drama. Heather and Alejandro worry about one another in the challenge, and denies that they are worried about one another's feelings for one another. Gwen and Lightning are worried about being outsiders on their team. Mike gets jealous of Duncan and Zoey bonding, and Sierra and Cameron realize that they have a crush on one another, which scares them both. When Mike turns into Mal, he enters the machine with Lightning, and they both end up fighting in the machine, and both make the entire obstacle go crazy (on purpose on Mal's part). Gwen is worried about Duncan and Zoey's newfound friendship, and Zoey and Cameron takes note that Mike is acting a bit weird.

    Winners: Heroic Hamsters. They simply did not screw up as much as the Villains did, and Cameron and Sierra come up with a plan that will cause them not to vomit in the machine. Zoey questions Mike about his behavior, and Mike tells her to watch out for Duncan. Sierra and Cameron act nervous around one another after the challenge, and does not know what to do with their newfound feelings.

    Bottom 2: Alejandro and Lightning. People are catching onto Alejandro's "crippled body", Lightning is overly cocky, and both lost the challenge for the team, and both were the only ones to throw up.

    Eliminated: Lightning. Heather was the only vote that kept Alejandro and booted Lightning. He was an outsider on the team, not as tough and experienced in the game as everyone else, and people were sick of his SHA talk. Lightning lashes out at Scott for betraying him. After Scott and Courtney form an alliance, she hears Gwen cry in the confessional about things being strained with Duncan and Courtney, and considering leaving the show, which makes Courtney feel bad. Duncan goes to Boney Island.
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    98 (5) Moon Madness

    Zoey and Mike watch their indie movie in the Craft Services room, and Zoey knows that Mike is acting off, so she asks him what is up, but he never gets the chance to answer, as the challenge is announced. Sierra and Cameron accidentally kiss, which puts awkwardness in their friendship, and Sierra feels like she is cheating on Cody. Alejandro ignores Heather, which bothers her a lot, and Courtney and Scott grow a lot closer. In the challenge, the Heroes get split apart, with Duncan being with Zoey, and Mike, Sierra, and Cameron being another group. Because it is a Harvest Moon, Mike turns into Mal, and sabotages Sierra, Cameron, and their relationship. He tells Cameron that Sierra is only using him for info to get farther in the game, which causes him to ditch Sierra, which she gets overly mad at him for. Gwen is left behind, as the other Villains go without her, and she confrontations Duncan and Zoey about how he better not flirt with her, like he did Gwen when he was with Courtney, which Duncan is insulted by, since he thought she knew him better than that. Zoey says that there is nothing between them, and she walks off, to only find an angry Sierra. Duncan does not like that Gwen has ditched him for Courtney, and she tells him his ego is too much. Heather acts overly nice, which creeps out Alejandro and her team, and Alejandro's legs and arms move by an accident a few times, as he comes out of faking being injured, which the Villains (Heather, Scott, and Courtney) eventually notice. Mal injures Cameron.

    Winners: Villainous Vultures. Gwen is in a predicament where the animals are about to attack her, and Courtney runs back to save her, causing both of them to smile and hug one another, whereas Mike and Cameron could not cross the finish line before all of the villains (with Gwen and Courtney being the last ones from their teams). Scott asks Courtney to go on a walk, which she blushes before she accepts. Alejandro hugs Heather because he thinks she reverted back to her old self, though she reveals that she faked it, and it is nice that he cares.

    Bottom 2: Mike and Cameron. Sierra and Zoey told Duncan about Cameron ditching and breaking Sierra's heart in the challenge, and Cameron adds everything together and realizes that "Mike sets him up". He realizes that as he snuck in the production room, that Mike has an evil personality.

    The Malevolent One makes Cameron get lost

    Eliminated: Cameron. Everyone else voted for him, and he was the only one to vote for Mike. He apologizes to Sierra, and says that Mike told him about her using him. Before they get the full chance to reconcile, Cameron is flushed. Sierra is overly suspicious about what happened, and Mike returns, confused about everything. Scott goes to Boney Island.
    Note: I decided not to break up Gwen and Duncan because it literally adds nothing to the season.

    99 (6) No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition

    Heather and Alejandro make an alliance, and almost kiss, causing them both to realize that the other need to go soon. Courtney bumps into a sad Gwen, who rants to her about her troubling relationship with Duncan, and that she is sorry for everything. Courtney cheers her up and tells her about her walk with Scott and how she really likes him. Sierra is mad about what Mike did to her and Cameron, and refuses to let go about it, with Zoey trying to tell her that it is a misunderstanding. Mike is confused about everything that is going on, and Duncan is sad that his relationship with Gwen is going south. Alejandro and Heather are rallying the villains to get rid of the other, and Heather finds the immunity idol, and the events that happen in the actual show takes place. Duncan becomes more affectionate to Gwen, which shocks everyone, and makes Zoey smile. Mike becomes Mal because he threw a rock over himself.

    Winners: Heroic Hamsters. Sierra and Zoey brought a lot of eggs, that caused them to win the challenge. After the challenge, Mal gets into an argument with Sierra, and Duncan heroically stands up for her, and he gets into an altercation with Mal, which ends up getting physical. Zoey is confused about everyone in her team. Sierra finds Cameron's journal, which causes her to officially start research.

    Bottom 2: Alejandro and Heather (same as show)

    Eliminated: Heather (same as show). She has a lot more sadness in her though. Gwen is stunned with how nice Duncan is treating her, and Courtney is touched with Scott being gentlemanly to her when going through the toxic part of Boney Island. Alejandro reveals that he has been faking the entire time, causing the entire team to glare at him in hatred, and he arrogantly rubs in how he is the best strategist and manipulator.

    100 (7) Suckers Punched

    A baby mutant followed Sierra from Boney Island, and she gets motherly with it, but is still looking up stuff to use against Mal. Duncan is shown with bruises, and warns Zoey that Mal is dangerous and that she needs to leave him. He tells her that Mal is probably the main personality, but she does not believe him.....about the multiple personality talk. She says she will speak to him later. Alejandro realizes that all of the villains hate him, and he is not worried because now that he can use his full potential, he brags arrogantly on how no one can touch him. Gwen comes from a walk with Duncan, and is thrilled with how nice he is acting. Scott loses to Fang in the challenge, and Courtney shows worry for him, consoling him to get better. Sierra fights the mutant's mother and loses. Scott distracts Alejandro (they want to take him down), so his brother can beat him up. Mal beats up Izzy, Zoey somehow wins against Anne Maria, and Courtney an Gwen refuse to fight one another, and when a Gwuncan video is shown, they still do not budge. Duncan also loses when it comes to fighting a weak bird, causing everyone to laugh at him.

    Winner: Heroic Hamsters. Villains threw the challenge, so they can get rid of an enemy before the merge comes, and the reasons above.

    Bottom 2: Scott and Alejandro. One is lame, and one is hated.

    Eliminated: Alejandro. The villains threw the challenge, and stuck together so they can take out the huge threat Alejandro. He is mad that he did not see that coming, and Scott cheers that he is a bad man for getting rid of Alejandro. The spaniard says that at least he can clear things with Heather.

    101 ( You Regatta Be Kidding Me

    Duncan tells Sierra about Mal's criminal record, and she is shocked when she searches it up on her phone, and he has MANY crimes against him. Mal later finds Duncan's knife and Sierra's phone, and crushes it to make them go crazy. Gwen and Courtney are getting to know one another, and Duncan feels a way. During the challenge, Zoey works with Duncan because Mal abandoned her, and Zoey tells him that he has been really heroic, which has been bothering Duncan for a few episodes now. Mal's target is to get Gwen out, so Duncan will have no support and will go even crazier, so he tries to sabotage her and Courtney's boat at every chance. Scott is undecided whether he should go out with the uptight Courtney or not, and even asks Duncan for advice. Zoey falls into a pirahnna pit, and Mal has to save her, or else it will look suspicious, and she realizes that it is Mike, and not Mal, and that Sierra and Duncan are wrong. Duncan sneaks off the challenge to try to do something to regain his bad boy rep, and Mal follows him, and they get into a physical fight, and Chris' cottage blows up.

    Winner: Scott. Him and Sierra were really close to one another for first place, but Mal's sabotage on her boat caused her to slow down. He chooses Courtney to join him in the Winner's compartment, making her blush. They spend the entire evening together, on his version of a date.

    Bottom 2: Duncan and Gwen. Mal rigged the votes, and made sure that the votes that were for him, was replaced with votes for his target Gwen, and she is confused why she is in the bottom 2, and has done nothing bad or villainous to deserve this. Duncan is in the bottom 2 because everyone thinks he blew up Chris' mansion.

    Eliminated: Initially Gwen, but the police comes after Duncan and tells him that he is arrested for committing Arson. Duncan loses it because he did not blow up the mansion, and things were looking good for him, with Mal grinning. Gwen is confused about what is happening, and she had a flashback of Duncan warning her about Mike. Sierra finds Cameron's book, where he wrote everything about Mike's MPD. Zoey consoles a sad Gwen about her boyfriend going to jail.

    102 (9) Zeek and Ye Shall Find

    Sierra starts to lose it when she sees her broken phone (which has black strands of hair on it), Scott and Courtney reveal that they kissed and that they are going out, Gwen feels like the third wheel, and Zoey is keeping her distance from Mike. Chris celebrates the 100th episode, but Ezekiel comes and kidnaps him (which Chris and Ezekiel agreed to for the challenge). Gwen wants to work with Courtney, but she abandons her for Scott, which makes Gwen a bit annoyed, and she is forced to work with Zoey in the challenge. Sierra is trying to stay sane, as she knows she needs to give Zoey all the info she has on Mal, and Mal is trying to come up with an idea to break up Scott and Courtney. Zoey tells Gwen that Courtney probably used her for the game, and dumped her for Scott, which only makes her more mad. When Courtney and Scott are not making out, she is bossing him around, which is starting to annoy him.

    Winner: Mal. He is the only one that did not get caught, and he captured Zeke and saved Chris. Because he won, not only does he get immunity, but he gets the sole vote as to who to eliminate. This makes Sierra and Gwen nervous (since it was revealed that the votes were rigged the last time).

    Eliminated: Sierra. Mal chose her to leave, which many do not object to, since she started to go crazy. Sierra gives Zoey a clue about everything she needs to know about "a certain someone" is where the shattered bones, dirt, and rotten dreams are. When Courtney tries to speak to Gwen, she snubs her to talk to Zoey. To prove that he is a villain, Scott knows that he needs to make a move to ensue his safety.

    103 (10) The Obsta-Kill Kourse

    Mal finds a list of Courtney's and draws a duplicate, altered version to use later. Zoey figures out Sierra's clue and digs in the grave and finds Cameron's book, which has all of his findings on Mike's condition, and she also finds the records of Mike she managed to find about his arrests. Mal tells Scott that Courtney is most likely using and emasculating him, and that he needs to show her who is in charge, because she is making him look like a bad villain and a weak guy. Scott and Courtney argue about this, which makes her think that he only really used her as well. Things do not go easy for her because Gwen keeps on spending a lot of time with Zoey. Mal tells Courtney that Gwen told Zoey that she never really like her, and hates her for making her look bad, and from everything that happened in TDWT made her look bad, driving an even bigger ditch with her and Gwen. Gwen tries to speak to Courtney again, only for the latter t snub her, and then confronts her about using her. Gwen later cries to Zoey, who is sad that she was right about Courtney.

    Winner: Zoey. She was the first to finish, Mal let her win, and Scott, Courtney, and Gwen were too busy with their issues to really pay much attention to the challenge. This is great for her, since she could gather all of her info. She also finds a bunch of Mike's pills that he was supposed to take to make sure he remained in control, and feels betrayed for him lying to her about taking his pills (meaning it was easier for Mal to take over).

    Bottom 2: Mike and Courtney. The former got a vote from Courtney because she realized that the lies spread about her came from Mike and Zoey, and Mike is the only one she can vote for. Courtney got votes by the lies that Mal and Zoey (from what she said in the last episode) told the others.

    Eliminated: Initially Courtney, but Chris reveals that this is the only non elimination episode of the season. He tells them that this challenge could affect the rest of the game, because the winner (Zoey) will be one of the 2 immune for the next challenge, second place (Mal) had a 6 minute head start in the challenge, third place (Courtney) gets no benefits or punishments, 4th place (Scott) has to wait 6 minutes after everyone else to start the challenge, and last place (Gwen) will not be allowed to vote in the next ceremony.
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    104 (11) Sundae Muddy Sundae

    Mal reveals the altered list he made of Courtney's chart, and showed it off like it was hers, causing Scott and Gwen to be even more mad at her (like the real episode), and Zoey now knows that she cannot trust Mike with what she found out in the last episode. Scott and Gwen are now determined to make sure that Courtney does not win the challenge. Courtney is desperate, sad and mad that everyone turned on her, but she ends up working with Zoey, and she tells Courtney that there is something wrong with Mike, but she will tell her later. Mal feels like he is successful, and after this, his next goal is to ruin Zoey's life. Eventually, Scott and Gwen get mad at one another, as they blame one another for why things failed with Courtney.

    Winner: Courtney. She managed to eat her sundae first, as she does have a strong stomach. This makes her and Zoey immune, which makes both of them proud, and she tells the CIT the entire truth about Mike, and they go in cahoots to take him down for the next episode. Mal, Scott, and Gwen are less than pleased though.

    Bottom 3: Scott, Mike, and Gwen. There was no one else to vote for, and the 4 votes (Gwen cannot vote) did not end up in a tie.

    Eliminated: Gwen. Mike and Scott voted her off, while Zoey did not have the guts to vote off her boyfriend (voting for Scott), and Courtney voted for Mike. So overall, she got voted out because there was no one else to pick off, and Scott does feel like she got in the way of things. Mal saw this as a chance to take out the floaters, as he wanted to take her out in Episode 8. Gwen is completely shocked, and she works things out with Courtney when she reveals the real list, and Zoey (who made a DVD of Mal) played the vid for everyone to see at the elimination ceremony.

    105 (12) The Bold and the Booty-Ful

    There is definitely tension between both couples in the beginning of the episode, where Zoey starts snubbing Mike, as she realizes she needs to trick him into taking his meds, and Courtney is still mad at Scott for not believing in her, and lashing out at him. During the challenge, Mal and Scott decide to work with one another to ensure that they each make it past 4th place, and Courtney starts to help Zoey with taking Mal down. They sabotage Mal's journey to get what he is supposed to bring back for the challenge, and Courtney refuses to speak to Scott, who thinks that Courtney is sabotaging him, only making him angry.

    Winner: Scott. He is the first one to get to Chris with his treasure. He abandoned Mal as he tried to harm him, and went to Chris with his prize. Zoey has Courtney pin him down, as Zoey forces Mal to drink his DID pills with water, causing Mike to regain a lot more control, and to come back. He hugs her, but she says that she is mad at him for lying to her about a lot. She says he needs to earn her trust back.

    Eliminated: Mike and Zoey. Mike (4th) was automatically eliminated for being last and not bringing something (this was when he was Mal, and after he lost, Zoey forced him to take his pill), and Zoey (3rd) was voted out by Scott (who could solely eliminate a person), as he wants to show Courtney that he is a man, and that he is gonna be the baddest finalist ever.

    106 (13) The Final Wreck-ening

    Courtney and Scott are both thrilled that they made it this far, and nothing will stop them from winning. They are both a bit sad with the way things went down between them, but they both will do anything from the money. For assistants, Courtney shoots down Gwen and Duncan (he is only out for trail), while Scott got Lightning and Jo. All of the others are popped out of the balloon, and watch from the sidelines. Sierra and Cameron are back on friendly terms, Mike and Zoey are fine and back to normal, Alejandro and Heather are dating, Lindsay and Sam are.....Lindsay and Sam. Things are weird with Courtney, Scott, and their helpers, and Jo and Lightning are willing to do anything to help Scott.

    Eliminated: Courtney. Her and Scott led into a final confrontation, with both of them angry and disappointed with where things ended with them. Scott says while he would love to be with her, the money means more to him, and he dumps her for the money. Courtney is mad, but gives him some sort of respect, and says she is glad that she got to second place to someone like him.

    Winner: Scott. Jo and Lightning broke the ladder, so Gwen and Duncan could not help Courtney anymore, and helped Scott, so they could get some money from him Scott cheers so hard that he hits the suitcase with the waterpipe, that causes the entire island to explode.
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