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"African Lying Safari/Society" Discussion SPOILERS ALLOWED

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    [1]Oct 18, 2010
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    SPOILERS - The cast arrives in Tanzania for 2 of the most dangerous challenges yet - playing soccer and catch a feral Zeke! Cody is on a coma-like state from the love-me tea, and some baboons kidnapping him, and Sierra to the rescue. Meanwhile Duncan and Al team up, and Heather tries to get Sierra to join her. In the end, certain punk finally goes home, and certain beast manages to get on the plane. - SPOILERS

    Fav Quote of Mine:

    Sierra: You darn dirty ape!!!!!!!!!!


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    Does anybody else besides me think that Ezekiel now looks like death warmed over twice?! That would be death warmed over...warmed over! Glad to see that all the dead weight (namely Duncan!) is now out of the game, but is Sierra ever TRULY going to get her man to love him? And what will become of Alejandro now that he has betrayed Heather in his deal making? Let's hope THAT idea doesn't come back to bite him in the butt, say, in about...five episodes or so from now! That's all I wanted to say with this comment! Enough said!

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