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A Redemption (aka Missed Potential) Season?

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    Most fans are probably excited for the upcoming spin-off series, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, but fans are wondering when or will be another Total Drama season. It's no lie many many in the fanbase want a Redemption (Missed Potential) type season. It's a season where the contestants who really didn't have a chance to compete or were dereailed early on and have the potential for more development could come in. The Ridonculous Race newcomers are kept on for now until we see how they perform in the spin-off. These spin-off newcomers have never competed in a Total Drama season before so we have no idea how they would actually do in a Survivor style competition, however, they might already have most fanfictions with these new characters in them. So here are some of the characters that could fit the requirements for redemption cast member:

    1. Anne Maria

    2. B

    3. Beardo

    4. Blaineley

    5. Brick

    6. DJ

    7. Dakota

    8. Dave

    9. Dawn

    10. Ella

    11. Eva

    12. Ezekiel

    13. Harold

    14. Jasmine

    15. Leshawna

    16. Noah

    17. Sadie

    18. Samey

    19. Topher

    20. Trent

    Some of these characters are chosen based on: Room for more development, were a fan favorite not included in Total Drama All-Stars, have next to no screen time, etc

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