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The Future of Avatar?

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    [1]Jan 17, 2015
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    So post here for fan theories or speculations regarding the future of Avatar. Continuing series staring an Earthbender? a prequel, a Korra movie anything.

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    [3]Apr 17, 2015
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    Legend of Korra open up some ways to continue on avatar seires. As the spirit world and human world marge togather, some evil doer/s find a way to manipulate spirits(as we saw it in book 4). The next avatar (me also prefer Earthbender :3) fight against them and shut down the gates of spirit world again. In this time period the necessity of any bender will be no more needed, as the technology surpress that power. So the avatar will lock him/her self in the spirit world,which can lead to a story of last avatar.


    The story of new avatar legend can begin with clash between avatar and dark avatar. Book 2 make a possibiltiy to bring down dark avatar character. As many years pass, dark spirit - vaatu resurrected again, he soon took over the spirit world.Then chose an avatar to destroy the human world. This time a firebender will be seen as avatar to unleash the rage which have been created for destroying the spirit world and almost destroying the human world. Afterall there's nothing can be stronger then the fire of rage.


    They might make them both

    It's all fiction. Whatever the storyline they make, i will love to and want to see a new AVATAR. Many people may think any more series will ruin it's reputation, me also think about the same when they create Legend of Korra. But after watching it, i had to say - that is awesome!!! So , i believe if the creators think about it, who knows we might go crazy again.
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    [4]Apr 30, 2015
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    I would love to see a new Avatar series, but one that takes place either during the later parts of Wan's life, or another early Avatar. Although we see Wan as the first Avatar, we do not see how other people come to recognize and accept the Avatar as part of their world. I think the panic of people being abandoned by the Lion Turtles and them trying to cope with living in what used to be the Spirit Wilds would be interesting to see.

    I feel that a sequel to Korra would be difficult as it is becoming more and more modern. As interesting as it would be to see Korra as the first of the second wave of Avatars acting as a mentor and spiritual guide to others, the increasing mechanization and modernization would eventually lead to a technological development, it will reach a point in which it simply becomes ineffective.

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