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This franchise makes me think

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    I have to say, the more i delve deeper into this franchise, the more it makes me think, problem is, like other shows, that's not always a good thing. On one hand, the more serious tone that the series frequently uses does give it an edge over many other shows, especially given its animation style. But on the other hand, due to my overly active imagination, i find myself looking at the more serious stuff in Avatar and then end up imagining the characters in a scenario that goes against the seriousness of their personalities and the basic aspects of their entire character. In other words, i have a problem with imagining these characters doing things that either make them look stupid or just go against a clear fact about them. For example, Suki's whole first appearance made it clear that women could be just as strong of warriors as men if not more so, yet i once imagined her apologizing for what she did to Sokka in her first appearance, even though he clearly deserved it. And it's not just the original series either, the Legend of Korra suffers from this as well.

    Take what i've seen in the books for example: in the past, i've frequently had thoughts about Aang finding out that he wasn't the last Airbender, but one book proved that if any Airbenders did survive the genocide, they were likely taken out some time afterwards (ala the Great Jedi Purge). I also once thought of a way of saying that Bumi was a better Earthbender than Toph, but another book torpedoed that idea. And now, the Promise trilogy and the Search trilogy: initially, i had ideas and theories about what became of the group and their enemies after Sozin's Comet. I knew that Zuko had to remain in the Fire Nation, due to being its sovereign, but i never really imagined the sort of things that the books had for the rest of the group, and while the mature thing would be to just accept all of this, it's not easy. Especially when it makes me think.

    What about you?

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