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Confused about bending

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    Perhaps I'm not understanding you, but I do understand that you are very set in your opinion and I can respect that. However, I still say you're wrong and on the off chance you are correct, the entire franchise is a joke. The fundamental premise of the entire series is flawed according to you; because in your estimation... Katara, who is a waterbender and not the avatar, can manipulate the earth element and the water element.
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    skaizun wrote:

    If everyone could bend, then why did we see only men fighting battles?

    In the various cities the kids visited, not everyone had bending capabilities.

    It could be a mind-over-matter or learned ability, or, possibly, it's genetic.

    Now, if only someone can bend the mind of the producers to create a spin-off or follow-up of this great series (but not a live-action version, please!!!).

    I got my wish with "Korra," but playing bending games isn't quite as important as saving the world! And the wait for the second season is killing me!
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